How do I fix the clicked image view?

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    When viewing photographs (clicking on them) some of my post’s photos take me to a page with only that photo on it. Recently, the photos are now taking me to a page that allows the view to click “Next” and view all the photos in sequence. I don’t like it, so how do I set it back to view only the photo clicked?

    DON’T LIKE –
    DO LIKE –

    How did this happen, and how do I change it back so that only the image clicked is available?

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    The blog I need help with is



    In the ones you don’t like, you still have the file URL attached (after uploading) making the images ‘clickable’ but in the others you don’t have the file URL attached, and so they are not clickable. I think that is what is making the difference. Change it to how you want it to be shown in your media files by editing each image and adding the file URL or removing it as you choose.



    Thank you, Shakingmats, but that was not my question. Let me try again…

    If you look at the two links the one I don’t like opens to a page with my blog headers and if you click “NEXT” in the upper right corner, or click on the image, it will take you to the next image in my post. I don’t want that.

    I prefer the second image (ref. flowers and bee) that opens to a clean page with only my photo showing. In this view you can click on the image and expand it for a closer look.

    Does that make more sense? Again, thank you!



    Sorry i misunderstood. Someone else in the forum will be able to help you, i’m sure.



    I appreciate that you tried. :D


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    Here is a picture for you too look at. It’s from the Support documents:

    Note where it has the words “Link URL” and the red “5”.
    You see 3 choices there:
    “none” “file url” and “attachment post url”

    The relevant text is here:
    item 4 and special attention to this:

    Link URL – The URL/web address to which the image will be linked.
    The None button will remove the link completely.
    The File URL button will link the image to its original, full-size version.
    The Attachment Post URL button will link the image to its attachment page.

    If you want your photo to open in a plain window, then choose the “Vile URL” button.
    The attachment page opens in the way you don’t like, with image/file titles and links to other images attached to that post.



    1Tess, this is perfect! I have been trying for several weeks to figure out what I had done and couldn’t. I tried searching and somehow managed to avoid the page you provided. ;)

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