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How do I fix the random spacing between paragraphs that I get when I publish?

  1. raisingdimples

    The spacing between paragraphs is off lately. There is too much space between some and not enough between others. It doesn't show up that way until I publish. Then the spacing is all over the place. I've looked on two different computers- one Mac with Safari, and a PC with Windows 7 and the problem is the same on both. I have tried deleting cookies and caches, but that's not the problem. (Also, I didn't cut and paste from somewhere else. I wrote directly on the blog).
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  2. Hey there,

    I've looked over your blog, and everything seems all right to me. Do you have an example post where this issue is apparent?


  3. raisingdimples

    Thanks for looking at it! I did manage to fix it last night and forgot to close my question. For whatever reason puttign the cursor at the top of the first paragraph and hitting delete a few times got rid of the spacing issues throughout. No idea why, but it worked.
    Thanks again.

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