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How do I format the text in my header?

  1. I placed the text widget but it shows up on the right hand side. I would like it to be on the left. I placed the text in the tagline but I don't like how it looks I'd like it to be wider.

    Here's my blog so you can see what I mean

    I've tried looking at html sites for help but it isn't work, any suggestions for coding help with wordpress?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would also like to add a link.

  3. Do you have an annually renewable custom design upgrade? I don't know if what you want can be done with it but I do know it can't be done without it.

  4. Also asked (and answered) here:
    Please don't start new threads for the same questions.

  5. Thanks again, my apologies.

  6. I've just purchased the Custom Design upgrade (as part of the WordPress Value Bundle), but I'm having trouble with the custom fonts functionality. I can increase and decrease the size of text, but none of the font selections changes the font from the the default theme font (despite my waiting quite awhile for changes to take effect). It looks like my selections are being accepted, but neither the preview text nor the live text on my blog shows any change in the actual look & feel of the font, regardless of which font I choose. I am using the Frostpress Comet theme, and am wondering whether certain themes don't allow for their default font to be changed? In any event, any help would be appreciated.

  7. @paulfnorris
    Will you please create a separate thread in the CSS Forum to avoid creating confusion in this one? Simply open another tab and click this link and you can copy and paste what you posted above into a new thread.

  8. done; thanks.

  9. You're welcome. Currently only 1 Volunteer thesacredpath helps with CSS editing on a regular basis and he just appeared on the board. :)

  10. Got it - interesting. I haven't been to WP Forums before, so I feel a little clueless. (Also, for whatever it's worth, I was hoping to avoid getting into the intricacies of CSS by simply using WP's standardized "Font Editor," which let's you just point and click on the font you want. Oh well.) :)

    Thanks again, @timethief!

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