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How do I get a Happiness Engineer to empty my blog of all its content?

  1. I just started here on and I really like the platform and consider buying the pro upgrade. However I have also been messing a lot up due to me being a n00b. Therefore I would really appreciate it if I could get a fresh start. I don't want to delete my blog or just start a new one because I really like my URL. Luckily I read about this option in my Dashboard -> Tools -> Delete Blog:

    "If you wish to empty your blog of all of its content but keep the blog name, please contact support, and one of our Happiness Engineers will be glad to lend a hand."

    So this is what I'm trying to do now. Trying to contact a Happiness Engineer so he/she can empty my blog of all its content. I have backed up everything so it can be done now. Please contact me Happiness Engineers.

    Sincerely Janus
    Blog url:

  2. Since you have less than a handful of posts, you can do this yourself.

    Here are instructions from timethief, another forum volunteer that should get you started.

  3. thank you for your quick reply justjennifer. Do you know if this will also free up all permalinks? One of my problems is that I have deleted a lot of posts and in doing so I can not reuse the permalinks that they had...

  4. If those pages and posts are still in trash, they're still "taken". You'll need to empty the trash folders.

  5. ok – thanks a lot justjennifer. Then I think I will be able to tidy up myself :-)

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