How do I get a header to be linked?

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    At present, I have a text image at the top of my page just how I wanted it to look. However, this image is not clickable and I would like to make it the link to the homepage. How may I do so?

    Many thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is


    This is a little complex but doable. Create a blank transparent PNG image (no background color) the exact size of your header, link it to your main page and put it into a text widget in the bottom widget area. Let us know when you have that done and we can help you move it up and over your header image so that it is clickable.


    Here’s something a little tricky that might work with the elements you have already. Try it out:

    #site-title a {
        height: 100px;
        padding-bottom: 240px;
        margin-top: -200px;
        display: block;

    @ Sacredpath:
    Thanks for your reply. I’ve created my transparent PNG and saved it to the media gallery. Now I don’t know how to link it to the main page and then how to put it into the text widget? Sorry still green at wordpress! Thanks for your patience..

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it has sent the logo up and above the page and nothing was visible. However the area became clickable again..


    Put this into your text widget in the sidebar and then replace the URL_OF_IMAGE between the double quote marks with the URL of your uploaded image.

    <a href=""><img title="" src="URL_OF_IMAGE" alt="" /></a>


    studioegretwest, darn, I like trying to find alternate solutions for the header linking question. The transparent PNG solution will work though! Mind if I ask what browser you’re using?

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