How do I get a listing of posts in homepage?

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    I have 1464 views, but 578 show as homepage. How do i see what posts are included in that figure of 578 homepage views? Homepage tells me nothing about what posts are being read and what posts fell on deaf ears.

    The blog I need help with is



    it means that the homepage has received 578 page views out of 1464 your blog has received.



    You can’t tell which posts were read they way your home page is –

    To get what you want use the <read more> to only show part of the post on the home page – if someone clicks on the read more then the view of the whole post will be recorded.


    Member stats are based on page views. The metrics provided by that program do not provide us with stats for unique visitors. A page view is defined below.

    If for example sake, I click into your home page in the morning and do not click any links on that front page then counts is 1 page view. If I click in to your front page later in the day and click links to 20 posts on your blog then the page view count is 20. See >

    What is a hit?
    In web analytics, a hit is any request for a file from a web server. By request means a hit calculates page content delivered, all images to complete that page, and any additional files that need to be loaded to make the web page you are looking at, appear the way it does.

    What is a page view?
    A page view is a request to load a single page of an internet site that results from a page request from a web surfer clicking on a link on another HTML page which is pointing to the page in question.

    What is a unique visitor?
    A unique visitor is access from a single IP to a web server that generates page views and hits during a particular visit. When a visitor has cookies disabled, there is no way of establishing if they are a unique visitor or not.

    There are third party visitor tracking programs that do provide countries and other details and that can be used on blogs. I have reviewed several. Note that javascript cannot be used on our blogs here as the software will strip out the code to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.



    Just in case I wasn’t clear above I use a free 3rd party stats program. It provides me with with data including which pages visitors enter my blog on and which pages they visit and exit on, as well as, how long their visit was, which country they came from, the browser they used, etc.



    In addition can enable ratings. PollDaddy ratings enable you to place ratings on your blog posts, pages, and comments for readers to use. See here >

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