how do I get a second blog in WP?

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    I have been trying for 2 days to try and add a second blog to WP but the form will not allow me to do so. The page opens up where I’m supposed to add the domain name but absolutely nothing I do (tab, right click, cursor) will allow me to type into that part of the form. Why is that and how do I get a second blog if the form won’t work?




    Just start typing. The cursor is in the correct part of the box but you can’t see it till you enter something. I did a lot of clicking too!



    First I’d like to remind people to come back to their initial question/post and click on “resolved” if someone answered a question for you. This updates the forum list.

    Diane, if you do not see a highlighted edit box and a blinking cursor in the edit box your cursor is currently located at, it is most likely caused by your browser not properly interpreting the code. Try using a different browser and see if that helps. You may just want to try and relaunch your browser to see if that fixes the problem.

    I use a mac and a pc and various different browsers (safari, camino, firefox, IE, avant, netscape, etc) and they all produce a blinking cursor and the edit box is outlined (highlighted) with a blue glow.

    Hope this helps, and don’t forget tom come back and click the “resolved” if your problem is resolved :)



    diane, while logged in in open a new tab or window of your browser and type the url of the blog you’d like to create. If the blog is not already taken you’ll be taken to the form for getting that blog.



    if you want another blog on your account, just log on on your account and make another blog. if you want a seperate account, log out, make another account, and make a second blog.

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