How do I get API key for bluehost-installed wordpress blog?

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    I installed wordpress using Bluehost and have started blogging. I realized I needed an API key to start getting statistics, so I opened a wordpress account. How do I connect the wordpress account to my already existing blog so I can use the API key? Do I need to do this or can I get stats some other way? It seems odd that I didn’t automatically get a WordPress account when Bluehost set up the wordpress blog. Thank you.


    Get the API key from your profile on your account here, install the blog stats plugin, if you have not already, and then activate it and put in the API key.

    Since wordpress.COM is not linked to self-hosted blogs in anyway, there wouldn’t be an account created here. This is a stand-alone hosting service.

    For support or problems with your self-hosted blog on Bluehost, you will typically need to head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ as that is where the self-hosted version is supported.

    For support on the blog stats plugin though, that will be handled here, but few of the volunteers here have any experience with it, so you will probably have to go directly to staff support.

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