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how do i get back my old wordpress address (i have the registered domain)

  1. i found a way to delete the addresses and blogs from my dashboard - - - got it, don't need that support / help now.

    however - - - i do need help in setting up a blog address that i have registered, but it says i can't register - (i think i set it up but deleted it at some point). HELP !!! I want it back:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to log-in as the account that owns the upgrade / original blog - use the lost password option

    the mapped domain is alive and well - you need to log-in with an account that has access to the blog - the log-in is below:

  3. i know i have the mapped domain, but i want a DIFFERENT mapped domain to be

    help? thx for the quick response.

  4. this is a mess. can i delete this thread from public search / view?

  5. You can map a different domain name to if you want - just buy a new domain name and map it to the blog - if you want to disconnect from a blog I think you will need staff help to do the disconnect for you

  6. i am unable to log into my domain:

    i can get into

    i want to get into

    this is the issue

  7. Can you remember either the user name or email address that you used when you opened the blog / account?

    There is a lost password option that will send you a new password to the email of record for an account / blog

  8. I want the domain to say

    when i go to that address, it changes to

    how do I get the MAPPED domain -

    i want a SEPARATE additional address from

    I need to be done with this tiring line of questioning. ;)

    Maybe it's the Greek that I speak and write that makes it hard to understand my impeccable English.

  9. HOW
    how..... HOW....
    HOW....HOW do I get a separate mapped

    I know... KNOW.... know.... KNOW... know... KNOW... I already have But . . . BUT . . . but . . . . BUT

    i want to be able to map WITHOUT . . . without . . . without . . . . . defaulting to

    I want SEPARATE (2) mapped domains: AND

    HOW . . . how. . . . . HOW. . . . how

    Can I get this to happen?

  10. Okay. A thousand words were typed and nothing-doing. I guess we lost track of the original question, which was -

    how come my old domain is alive and well (

    but i can't have it as my mapped domain, but rather it defaults to

    Back to the original question - this is why i am posting multiple threads . . . . and i actually want to delete from public view my publicly displayed support questions.

  11. is mapped to - if you want to have just plain - then go to

    Dashboard >> Store >> Domains and pick as the Primary Domain

    If someone goes to they will still end up at but they will see in the browser window

    NOTE - most of the help in the forum is provided by unpaid volunteers - I don't get paid to put up with your abuse and incoherent at times descriptions and all of us like to sleep at times and have other things to do in our life - rude and all caps tend to put you at the bottom of the pile

  12. Closing this thread as a duplicate, responded here:

  13. Please refer to our Forums Code of Conduct, where we ask all of our forum participants to remain professional and focused on the technical issue at hand (which several volunteers have tried to do).

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