How do I get back to where I was before adding a "facebook like" widget ?

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    A few days ago I found the widget that displayed content from my facebook page and had a button to “like it”. When I installed it, I noticed the other stuff that was on the sidebar disappeared. Being a complete novice, I didn’t think anything of it. But then I saw later that my traffic disappeared. So I tried to remember what was on the sidebar and put it back. That did not help much, so today I removed the facebook widget. I had no idea adding the button would do anything to my blog other than add the widget. Pretty bummed as I was just feeling that I was learning how to put up posts that were getting viewed and so I wanted to start directing eyes to my small businesses. Please help. Thanks
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    Your blog (and sidebar) display correctly for me, could you try re-adding the widget, so that we can see what happens?


    O.K. I just did that like I did the first time. This time it left the other things on the sidebar like catagoies and monthly archives. The first time they were removed when I put up the facebook widget. I just looked at my stats and noone has found me today and that never happens. Thank you for helping

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