How do I get consistent sidebars?

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    I’ve just spent the past four hours + customizing the “Connections” theme, and I finally got it looking the way I like. Yay me. Then I went to the blog and clicked a post heading. The post loaded, but the sidebar disappeared and was replaced by just one box with some post info!


    I want the full sidebar! I’m pretty sure that is controlled via PHP, but is there some CSS workaround?

    To restate: when my blog is showing a single post (i.e., when viewing comments), the regular sidebar is not shown. I really want the sidebar to show all the time!

    Oh man, I hope there’s a fix. I don’t want to waste another day customizing another template!

    The blog I need help with is



    nope, there’s no way to fix it.


    I’ve got the opposite problem on my NoDesignLegislation blog – the sidebars show fine on individual posts, but have now disappeared to the very bottom of my home page, with their information all mushed together.

    Can anyone help?



    Take a look through here:

    It’s going to be one of those issues.

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