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How do I get from the Dashboard to my blog page?

  1. I'm not seeing the admin bar at the top of my home page. I still don't know how to get from the Dashboard to my actual blog page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is the URL of your blog
    Provided you are logged in when your visit it you will see the gray Admin bar at the top. But if you are not logged into you will not see it.

  3. I'm logged in now. I'm on the dashboard but I do not know how to get to my blog page.

  4. This is the URL of your Admin page to get to the front page of your blog from there go to the very top of the left hand side of your Admin page. There you will see phyllisdillerandwine click it and you will arrive on the front page of your blog.

  5. Site titles (Blog Names) and optional Taglines located here > Settings > General can easily be changed at any time.

    There you can add the missing spaces to your site title so it becomes
    phyllis diller and wine
    and click "save changes"

  6. Okay, got it. THANK YOU! Now ... I have a question about widgets.

    I selected two widgets, the calendar (which I am gong to unselect since I do not have a personal Google page) and one other (dont' remember which). The calendar showed up on the front page of my blog, but the second one did not. Any thoughts on that?

  7. Okay, going to give that a try so it will be easier to read. Thank for the tip!

  8. All themes have what appears to be widgets in a default sidebar display. We override that display when we select widgets here > Appearance > Widgets
    Open each widget by clicking it;
    Configure where required;
    Configure widget visibility settings (these determine which page the widget will display on) where required;
    Click "save";
    Click "close".

    Note: Widgets display cached data so there's no data that can be displayed in Recent Posts widget (for example) if you have not published any posts. Likewise, there's no data a Categories widget or Tags widget can display until you publish a post with a category or a tag assigned to it.

    To use the Upcoming Events widgets see the documentation here

  9. Thank you! I appreciate your help. I'll keep at it. **

  10. Staff have linked a step by step learn blogging tutorial to the bottom of your Admin page at
    All support documentation is at this link http://ens,
    Best wishes with getting underway and post again if you need help.

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