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How do I get in touch with someone about billing?

  1. I need to talk to someone about my account / billing, but all I can find is the public support forums. How do I get in touch with someone?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know - it seems just about impossible to get in touch with someone now. I'll flag this thread for staff attention - hopefully one of them will be able to respond.

  3. You can look at your history at:

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades or Billing History

    Maybe that will help - note you need to be logged in as the owner of the upgrades

    Also - what is the address of the base WordPress.COM blog you need help with? That will help people help you

  4. Thanks, I know how to look at my history. I need to talk to an actual human about my billing history, as the self-serve options aren't sufficient.

    The base url is, but is my canonical URL. Anyone with the ability to see my billing information should be able to pull up the account via either address.

    I understand community-based support for free services, but it's frustrating for a paid service.

  5. I've searched high and low and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get in touch with anyone, so I guess I'll have to take the issue up with my bank. Sigh.

  6. so I guess I'll have to take the issue up with my bank.

    You haven't said what 'the issue' is yet, so even if staff looks at this thread they can't do much.

  7. That's because I have no interest in discussing my account / billing on a public forum which may or may not even be read by any staff.

  8. If you wish to contact Staff about the charges you see on your statement, please use this form (which works even when the main contact form is closed):

  9. Thank you so much, timethief.

  10. @notawoodpecker
    IMNHO your tone is not helpful. May suggest you start using the searchbox and start linking to polite, accurate and helpful comments that other experienced Volunteers have posted to the same questions in the past?

  11. @kellbot
    What I posted above applies ONLY to those who do have free hosted blogs. It does not apply t WordPress.ORG installs.

    You failed to answer auxclass (an experienced Volunteer) who asked this question above:

    Also - what is the address of the base WordPress.COM blog you need help with? That will help people help you

    I assume you are indeed referring to a free hosted WordPress.COM blog. If you aren't then we cannot help you here at WordPres.COM.

  12. @timetheif
    huh? I answered his question in my second post. I am indeed familiar with the difference between hosting and's open source software.

    I am referring to a hosted blog for which I have paid for upgrades and need to speak to someone regarding my statement.

  13. @kellbot
    Oh dear, I see it now and I apologize - I'm visually challenged and I missed it. Not to worry as I provided the correct link above for billing queries. It appears you could have allowed a domain mapping upgrade to expire but not to worry about that either as auxclass tagged this thread for Staff assistance when he first replied to you above. If you subscribe to this thread you will be notified when Staff respond.

  14. Thanks.

    We've got some issues to do with our domain (registered elsewhere) that are way beyond, but going in to make changes brought some other problems to my attention.

    I understand that the $100 or so a year we spend doesn't exactly qualify us for drop-everything-and-respond levels of support, but this experience has been pretty frustrating. I deeply regret not self-hosting WordPress like I usually do.

  15. A whois shows your base domain name is in redemption - Expiration Date: 06-dec-2012 - you need to contact your registrar and renew before anything will work

  16. I know, thanks. My domain issues are independent of my issues. I just happened to notice when dealing with the nightmare that is domain recovery.

  17. I apologize if my initial post was unclear, but since I used the support form to make the post it only let me select my blog's canonical name ( rather than the wordpress subdomain. But the domain expiration is a red herring here.

  18. Thanks again @timethief, I was able to get in touch with someone via the form you linked, and the issue is now resolved.

  19. Hooray! That's great news. Best wishes to you.

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