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How do I get information on built-in CSS for my blog theme?

  1. I'm using a "sandbox" theme, and I've purchased the CSS option, so that I may write my own CSS throughout. On several occasions, I've viewed the source code of the blog to ensure I have access to the correct elements for styling. I find often that my styling is overridden.

    For example, I have defined my body and as many elements as appropriate to display in font:Georgia,serif; However, I find that, on mobile devices, pages are rendered in a sans-serif font. Also, on mobile devices, the post background is rendered in white instead of the background color I've selected.

    Perhaps, outside of my view, is an @media section or include. Web inspector or Firebug are not available on mobile devices, of course. Insofar as Web inspector is concerned, style sheets are protected and inaccessible! I'd like to be able to see any WordPress styling with which I must "compete".

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I noticed you referred to Sandbox but are actually wording with Toolbox. This is the link to the CSS stylesheet file >

  3. Thanks for the link, and sorry for the misnamed theme reference. I've looked at the CSS to which you provided a link, and see nothing therein which explains a conversion from serif to sans-serif, or a change of post background to white.

    I know that I am able, on my personal website, to accomplish this styling with CSS identical to that which I have used here in the blog. (In fact, I have tried as much as possible to duplicate my personal website's styling in the blog!)

    Perhaps the WordPress styling is accomplished via one of the PHP scripts in the folder to which you provided a link. In that case, inasmuch as I'm not a PHP expert, I'll have to read the scripts very slowly. It'll take awhile. So, thanks again!

  4. I don't help with CSS but there is one Volunteer who does and Staff do support this upgrade. They will help you when they can. Best wishes with your CSS editing.

  5. Check at appearance > extras and make sure that you do NOT have the mobile theme activated. If you do, the visitors on mobile devices will be served pages with the mobile theme.

  6. Okay, @thesacredpath: that was it. Now, the simple question remains. Does WordPress CSS accept/allow *my* @media queries? I'll give it a test-drive and see what happens...

    Thank you *very* much.

    It might be worth informing those who handle the "mobile theme" software that it doesn't do the greatest job of responsive image handling, and that a permitted @media query on the part of the user might help in this endeavor!

  7. WordPress is moving as quickly as possible to adopt CSS3 stuff as it solidifies, but I don't think they support @media yet.

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