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how do i get k2-lite to have multiple banner pics like k2

  1. i'm trying to create a k2-lite theme for my blog. is there a way to have multiple pictures in your banner like the full version of K2?

  2. You're in the wrong forum; this is only for support of blogs, and for support for independently-hosted WP blogs, you need to be asking over at You have a lot more freedom to edit and change things there, so our answers wouldn't really be applicable to you.

  3. i have an independently hosted wp blog, but this question is for one that i have on

  4. It's easier for us to help you promptly if you link your username here to your blog.

    Also, please provide a link to a K2 blog. Since it's not available here, you need to show us an example.

  5. the that i have & want to customize is and the K2 blog that i have is

  6. Do you have css editing skills? And have you purchased a css customization upgrade for your blog so you can alter your theme's appearance on your own and without staff support for learning css?

    Do you know that you cannot use the original versions on our software here at and operate on different software and when themes are adapted to run on software all of the original features are not available?

    Do you know that there is not "www" in any url?

  7. this might help:

    I'm not sure if it's really what you're looking for...

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