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How do I get logged in to Custom URL?

  1. I cannot get logged in so that my site recognizes me as an admin,and therefore, the admin options (edit, dashboard, etc) do not show. My site is at I can still log in to to admin the site, but I it is still a pain.

  2. Well it's good that you can access your admin panel using wp-admin but I'm afraid as staff only deal with urgent matters on weekends that you will have to wait until Monday to send in a feedback.

  3. Um, TT not being able to log in would be an urgent matter.

    What is the URL you're trying to login at? Please be specific. Is it

  4. thistimethisspace

    copywrite said:

    I can still log in to
    to admin the site, but I it is still a pain.

    Does that mean he has to send a email to support at this domain to get back-end help?

  5. I was waiting to hear what the exact issue was but if the poster wants, I'd go ahead and send in an email to support ( at ) wordpress ( dot ) com as it's monitored during the weekend.

    Not sure what the exact issue is though.

  6. Let me clarify, I can log in to admin the site, but I do not get a cookie for my domain, only for As a result, I am not logged in to respond to comments, and do not administrative options on my site. Am I explaining this ok? I.e., I no longer get an admin menu bar at the top of the site.

  7. Okay then for sure this is urgent. You can send Mark an email at support ( at ) wordpress ( dot ) com so he can fix this for you from the backend.

    {email address munged to deter spam bots}

  8. Not really urgent, just a pain. Though I would like some resolution.

  9. I politely point out that I asked a question up above as to where exactly you're trying to login. The URL is requested. :)

  10. make sure your browser is allowing 3rd party cookies. as drmike says, if you're trying to log in to you need to access a cookie from

  11. To sunburtkamel, the 3rd party cookie seems to have done the trick. Thanks.

  12. You might also want to add the meta widget. If this happens again, it'll save you one step in logging in.

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