How do I get more followers?

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    I just started my blog tonight and am really disappointed with the fact that more people aren’t immediately following. What can I do to get readers?

    The blog I need help with is



    Were you led to believe that by blogging with WordPress you would immediately attract a strong and loyal following? It has taken me over 3 years and a lot of writing and photographs to get where it is today: 632,000 page views. You may want to find other blogs with likeminded content/focus and post your thoughts to invoke discussion and exchange of ideas etc .. basically be prepared to give before you can expect to receive.



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    You really do need to drop your expectations, unless you’ve gotten national tv coverage or a direct link from Fark or something. There are about 100,000,000 blogs in the world. How are people supposed to find yours?

    You also have only one post, and no Recent Posts or Archive widgets. Nobody will be able to find your content unless you put them in. And you won’t normally be found and indexed by search engines for up to six weeks.

    The internet is like high school: you have to consistently put out to be popular.



    I’m a begginer too. :)
    So, please wish me the success! :)



    Although I haven’t had much success with getting my blog popular, its becasue its practically brand new- i’ve blogged before;; and it usually takes at least a couple weeks to get a follower. Just be patient, try your best and put your thoughts into word. I klike the comparison ^^ it really is like high school (:


    I do wish all the newbies success! I’m new myself, having written less than 20 posts. There are other things to consider also, deeper issues.

    Why are you blogging? To me that’s the most important question to answer (HONESTLY) for yourself. I personally don’t think blogging to get “traffic” is healthy. If you are blogging to fill some void in your life, it’s just another addiction. “More” is not “better”. (That’s also the name of one of my posts.) I would rather get interesting commenters than a ton of hits. I average less than 50 hits most days, but I’ve had some really great, involving discussions!

    Are you writing to work out issues in your life? Those blogs get a lot more readers (depending on the issue) than “what I did today” blogs.

    Pictures, videos, polls and doo-dads (widgets) attract people, but only IF they are well-chosen and not over-used. I want my blog to be about ideas, so I don’t put in many pictures, even though I know that reduces my # of “hits”.

    How good is your writing? Unless you learn to write like a pro, you’ll only get readers who talk/think/write like whatever you are: a student, a housewife etc.

    If you understand WHY you are writing, you will see that there’s more than one way to define success in blogging.




    The blog has been deleted. Ah well. . .


    People people.

    When dealing with new people remember to drop your egos.

    Being harsh with new people is OK, but shoving your results in there face, AND saying it will never happen to them will NOT.

    Please take into consideration peoples feelings.



    never happen to them* (wishing there was a edit comment feature).



    Yes, I noticed that too. The cached copy shows only one post aside from the “welcome” placeholder post was published in a month’s time.




    I take your point, but I can understand the frustration that can make people a bit shirty – how many times do we see the same question “Hey, I’ve written a blog post, where’s all my traffic?” or some variation on that theme? There are two threads currently active.

    It does get a bit old. Maybe the “8 things to know. . .” sticky needs a ninth on this subject? If anyone reads them. . .

    Grumble, moan, mutter. . .




    If you understand WHY you are writing, you will see that there’s more than one way to define success in blogging.

    I strongly agree with what you have said above.

    As free hosted blogs are not being used to make an income from, provided one has taken all the steps to build a flow of targeted readers to their blog there is no need to stress out and sweat the small stuff. We can relax and examine why we do what we do.

    I’m posting a quote from the first post in my How to Become A better Blogger series below:

    Blogging is a means of obtaining recognition and validation.
    In essence, we blog

    • to be heard;
    • to receive comments;
    • to enter into dialog;
    • to form relationships;
    • to build a reader community.

    All our stats on free hosted blogs amount to “bragging rights” because we have no PPC (pay per click), nor do we have ads of our own for readers to click on that bring us in any $, I think we are in a great position to enjoy the blogging we do, and if we do that then out passion for blogging will live on.



    ARRGGH! I unintentionally left a strong tag open – sorry. :(



    Honestly, the only ego I see in this thread is in the first post. If you opened a store and ran out onto the street yelling “Why aren’t you shopping with me?” people can reasonably be expected to tell you that’s not realistic.


    Twice so if the shelves of the store are practically empty.



    When I teach, the average hits on a blog the first day are 3-10. I’ve seen as many as 55, but that’s quite unusual and my students always have at least four posts up plus navigational widgets, categories, etc and media.



    He, he. I think I had about 140 views on my first day (or maybe it was my second day), because I originally wrote a sarcastic piece on Linux. Apparently a lo lot of people took me to be serious though. However, I didn’t do much with that blog for about 3 months, so it went down to 0-4 visitors a day rather fast.

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