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How do I get more readers!?

  1. Hey there. Im sort of new to this whole 'wordpress' thing and this may be really simple but how do I get my blog noticed? How do i get people reading my blog?! Any suggestions. Sorry for not knowing, hope I dont sound too stupid! Thanks, James. ( @JamesQuirk21 )

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi James and welcome. We get this question all the time :-)
    Here are some links that can help:

  3. Getting involved in conversations(either through comments or on forums) usually helps.

  4. - Connect your blog through Facebook and Twitter.
    - Be active in the forums.
    - Advertise your blog in the Showcase forum
    - Keep writing, It can take up to 6 months to get noticed.

  5. @jamesquirk21
    Have you verified your blog ownership with the major search engines yet? See here if you haven't >
    There are 10 factors that may expedite the indexing process found in this post > v

    I also note that you aren't assigning categories and tags to your posts. See here for help with that >

    There is no single best way to increase traffic. There are many approaches but the bottom line is that there is no such thing as passive blog promotion . The reason I’m emphasizing this is because many new bloggers assume that if they blog readers will just happen (build a blog and they will come). Well, this is not the case.

    The forum search box contains lots of traffic promotion and increase readers threads.
    See also >

    Here are 25 basic steps to take to increase traffic to your blog:
    1. Structure a reader and search engine blog;
    2. In blogging content is king create unique, high quality content so publish fresh content frequently;
    3. Learn basic SEO so you can use keywords effectively and apply basic SEO to your headlines, blog and posts;
    4. Make your blog posts look professional;
    5. Create at least 4-6 pillar posts and continue to create pillar posts;
    6. Select and link to appropriate anchor text;
    7. Leave meaningful comments on related blogs;
    8. Encourage comments on your own blog;
    8. Develop relationships with other bloggers so you can build a blog readers’ community around your own blog;
    9. Support the blog centered communities on related blogs by commenting on them and promoting posts from them;
    10. Link to authoritative sources in your posts;
    11. Deep link to your earlier related posts in your new posts;
    12. Assign appropriate categories and tag your posts with care;
    13. Link to related authoritative blogs in your blogroll;
    14. Provide RSS feeds for subscribers;
    15. Having a well designed theme is important, evaluate your theme for effectiveness, and if required, create a new header, make improvements or replace your theme and reduce page loading time;
    16. Avoid cluttering your blog with widgets that lack reader value and slow page loading time;
    17. Buy your own domain and domain mapping;
    18. Verify your blog with the three big search engines.
    19. Get organized, use an online to do list by developing a blogging workflow;
    20. Join social networks and social media sites like Facebook and use Ttwitter, Friendfeed and other other Free RSS directories to promote your blog posts;
    21. Promote your blog through forums, online groups, and selected directories;
    22. Develop a social media time management strategy and stick to it;
    23. Submit your latest pillar article to a blog carnival;
    24. Become a guest blogger on sites with higher page rank than your own site.
    25. Create newsletters and/or ebooks for your subscribers.
    I have tutorials on my blog linked to my username on how to do all of the foregoing.

  6. Under google webmaster it says to upload HTML verification to my blog addy but how do I do that?


  7. @ccredential
    Please see here and know there is a special process for free hosted blogs. Follow the instructions found here carefully. >

    As you are new Staff has prepared a tutorial I would like to recommend >

  8. How do i get more commenters?? I love receiving comments, positive or negative....useful tips are good as well. Thankx

  9. @ryubakura
    The stock in trade answer is ask questions. Now that we have that out of the way, how many blogs do you comment on in a day, in a week, in a month?

    the golden rule of social networking is give to get. Aside from creating and refreshing an archive full of high quality content by publishing frequently, the best way to attract more readers is to comment, comment, comment on similar blogs in the same niche as your own blog, and create blog centered relationships with other bloggers.

    Here are posts you may want to read and act on:
    Blogging: Comment Baiting >
    Encouraging blog readers to comment >

  10. I think we should give some kind of booby prize to the first person each day to post this question.

  11. @ rainy:

    Please be careful with that idea. If you offer real boobies, you're going to encourage a lot of people to ask that question.

    Even if you offer fake boobies, you'll still get a lot of takers.

    If you offer Dick Cheney boobies, it might turn out okay.

  12. Love boobies :-)

  13. Why don't admin make posts like this sticky to save repeated posts on the same question? You can't blame newbies for asking.

  14. @raincoaster
    This is my experience gained from this and other forums over a period of 6 years now. A new person arrives and wants to draw attention by posting a forum thread. They are likely to post one of these:
    1. how to increase traffic
    2. how to increase readers
    3. please visit my blog
    4. I changed my theme
    5. my new blog

    We answer questions. Some listen and apply the advice. Others simply thread hop into every "hi I'm new - follow me" thread and/or post into every "add me to your blogroll" threads. SHRUG ... and the beat goes on.

  15. What about if you made it a sticky? Then, in good faith, you could delete the thread.

    That way, you don't have to keep repeating yourself. That way you don't have to keep repeating yourself. That way you don't have to keep repeating yourself. That way you don't have to keep repeating yourself. That way you don't have to keep repeating ...


  16. @gigisanchez
    I have a blog full of copy and paste answers to frequently asked questions. ;)

  17. ha HA, You mean you're not typing the same thing, each time? each time? each time? I'm thinking this is beyond Frequently. I'm thinking this is a virtual pooling OCD. I like the Booby Prize idea the best, 2nd choice is the sticky.

  18. A good idea is to write:


    (Blog-) Kids always do the opposite. I got a kid, I know what I'm talking about ;)

    Good luck!

  19. You have my word on that. I don't visit those who SHOUT!

  20. luridtalesofdoom

    b-but caps'lock is cruise control for cool.. the internet told me so and she wouldn't lie.

  21. Lol!

  22. @luridtalesofdoom
    Yo, are you messing with me? You'd better not be because raincoaster will notice it and take bite out of you or I will. Hmmm ... which one to choose. lol ;)

  23. @pienbiscuits
    Was that a capital "L"? Watch it as it could be a symptom of becoming infected with the I SHOUT online and always overuse punctuation!!!!!! disease ... lol :D

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