How do I get more readers/followers?

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    I’d love some readers/followers but at the moment I can’t see a way to categorise my blog like you can on blogspot. I have set up a twitter account and linked it to this but as both are less than a day old this isn’t helping :) I am looking to target a particular audience of parents, people planning children, or who have an interest in pregnancy, birth, or the first year of a new babys life. Is there any way of doing this? Many thanks in advance, Rebecca

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Rebecca. I’m Rebekah!

    Are you getting any traffic and have you looked at your site stats to see where it is coming from?

    I started a new blog at the end of May and in less than 2 months it’s had 1,000 visitors. Everything that can be connected is and I think that helps get more readers. Go to Sharing, on your Dashboard, and enable Facebook (hopefully you’ve created a Page just for this) and anything else that you can.

    I mentored a budding new author who just received her first book contract. We set up a WordPress blog and my instructions to her were, “Write every day…even when you think nobody is reading it. You want to look like you’ve been here awhile when your big break comes!”

    I hope this helps,

    Rebekah Gregory
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    Hi @jenniferthebook WordPress.COM team has written an article focusing on how to get more traffic (visitors). Read it here:
    Hope you’ll get more visitors soon.

    To @beckhart: It’s so sad that you’re advertising yourself instead of helping one. You don’t know how to help others, be quite. [Sorry!]



    @wpgaurav; Actually, no advertising intended at all only verification that I’m a real person with real success.

    Anybody can get on here and post a link to an article. And by the very nature of your attendance here, which by clicking on your name can take anybody to your blog, you are also advertising.

    In the future, you might limit your helpful hints by directing them to the person asking for help rather than directing criticisms, based on an assumption of wrong motives, towards other responders.



    Hi @beckhart! The link provided above is not my blog. If you’re a user, you should know, That’s official blog. I’ve no blogs about Visitors, blogging etc. I’m a mathematician.

    And note, you can post your blog link to “ShowCase” division of forums but not at any other forums.

    I think the question above asked, is answered and I don’t want to waste my time here.



    Please see here >
    See also >
    Click the tag links in the sidebar of this thread and you will find even more ideas as this subject has generated many forum threads over the course of the more than 5 years that I have been here.




    I am looking to target a particular audience of parents, people planning children, or who have an interest in pregnancy, birth, or the first year of a new babys life. Is there any way of doing this?

    It’s important that you set up a Google webmasters account and one for Bing too and verify your blog ownership with the major search engines.

    It’s important to create an informative About page that includes a blog description >

    It’s likewise important to create an effective tagline of a length that search engines will display >

    Tags and categories are the index terms that are indexed by search engines and will produce your posts in search engine results when people look for posts by typing those terms into search engines. Successful blogs draw between 30 – 60 % of their incoming targeted readers. from search engine referrals.

    Targeted readers are different from casual traffic. Targeted readers arrive on your blog in response to SERPS (search engine page results) knowing the subject matter they are searching for will be found in your posts (assuming you have used relevant tags). Targeted readers are more likely to become regular readers and subscribers and leave comments on your posts. They are also more likely to backlink to your posts in posts of their own and when they do your blog will receive visitors who click the links. Targeted readers are also more likely to share the URL to your blog with other targeted readers in the same niche.

    If you want your posts to receive search engine attention, be indexed and appear in the SERPS, and incoming targeted readers, receive backlinks, and you want your blog to achieve authority in your niche so it does achieve a PageRank then learning how to tag and categorize your posts accurately is important.
    tags >

    see also > increase traffic >

    The most effective way of drawing targeted readers to your blog is to seek out similar blogs in the same niche and comment, comment, comment on their posts. You can use the global tag pages to do this >


    Thank you so much both of you I am so grateful, when I have put my little girl to bed I will have a play using all of the links you have kindly pasted on here for me :) Thank you so much again xxx



    You’re most welcome from me. Clearly, your focus needs to be on investing your time and energy wisely by employing strategies that drawing targeted readers to your blog. That’s done by locating similar blogs and commenting on them so you can create a relationship with said bloggers. More on that is found here > Blogging and Community Building > Best wishes for effective blog promotion. :)

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