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How do I get more traffic on my blog

  1. Hey, everyone.

    I have a new blog on reincarnation (not as boring as it sounds but then again, it's not much). It's been up for about a week and I have around 500 hits. Is that good? Also, how do I get other bloggers on WordPress to check out my blog?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. By the way, this is the link to my blog, in case anyone's interested:

  3. Hey I have one more thing to say, you said it is a new blog right? so be patient i started mine 3day ago and i am still not listed.

  4. @thesandman16
    Have you read these tips and acted on them?

    I suggest you do because the notion that if you build a blog they will comes is erroneous. Also posting only here in the Showcase and Off-Topic forums will produce a very little traffic. You will need to devote time to commenting, commenting, commenting on blogs with similar subject matter to what you have in your own blog.

    Use the global tag pages to locate blogs with similar content >

  5. @ dhaller21

    I would say try a bit of both, staying upto date with current events is great because most people are blogging about whats "in the now" show a little love to others blogs and hopefully you'll recieve some back + make a few new blogging friends in the process.

  6. oh i found another way. use twitter, talk about trending topics that will get people interested then simply tweet your url randomly and say something interesting to go with it. it will make people curious and make them click!

  7. Yes Twitter is one way to promote your blog. You have only 140 characters to work with.

  8. 1personofdifference

    Joe R.
    One can only hope that going to other's blogs and leaving comments will help increase traffic and comments.
    I've gone to about 200 blogs and left comments in the last 4 weeks.
    It hasn't helped so far as i only have about .0054% comments in comparison to visitors but timethief says to be patient and it will come about so I'm trusting in her that it will happen.
    I've gone to several blog rolls. I've enrolled with google and all the other well known blogging search engines.
    I've left several dozen comments at well known famous wordpress blogs like wattsupwiththat because I enjoy it and that is the subject of my book that I'm writing.

  9. Have you thought that timethief meant to ...actually read, and comment...on someone elses blog site interest? Instead of just expecting them all to rush over and spend the night commenting, and thread linking to what you find interesting, and blog worthy? I'm not trying to be judgmental, I really have found myself agreeing, for the most part of what you have to say...and my comments, I believe reveal that I actually read your post...but, a one touch post on an ( About Me Page) saying that I was here...but hurry the hell back and see what my opinion say's is all that just not what timethief means when she says...develop shared interest blog re-pores.

  10. That last post was intended for 1 Person: But, yes sandman...I believe that 500 in a week is really good...But, just goes to show the apathy of a country, that voted for a guy who used a Tampa Nugget to do what he should have been man enough to do himself... and 8 years later, voted into office a guy who, after partying with Paul McCartney, instead of honoring his own countries service men and women, over the memorial day weekend...think about in their time off...I mean, if I ate my Aunt Betty last week medium rare...but, didn't inhale...then I must be in line to be reincarnated with the rest of the world...who refuse to smell the bullshit the first time around. Just an honest opinion.

  11. This is what I have got to say,

    Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress and Blogspot Blogs

    I believe this could be useful... !!

  12. @ 1personofdifference

    wow oh wow 200 something blogs you've visited recentlly , i'm suprised you still have fingers left to blog at all. The way one uploads photos to their posts can generate some traffic as well.

    think keywords!

  13. Take a look at the title tags on your pages, are they targeted towards your chosen keywords? Are they relevant to the pages they are situated on? If not now’s the time to change them. Learning the basic SEO elements for bloggers and applying them is worth the effort. Here are the basics and here are some very useful free resources

    However, don't forget how important it is to create fesh content frequently, to encourage discussion on your posts and to comment on blogs in your niche. SEO will bring in those who use search engines to locate relevant content but once they have come it's up to the blogger to hold their interest and create a relationship with them so they continue to visit, and become commentators, and become subscribers.

  14. Also you need to think about why you are writing a blog?

    If you're just doing it for social interaction, think about how you'd make friends in the real world. You can't expect to be instant life and soul of the party amongst a group of strangers so be patient and start contributing to other people's blogs first.

    If you're doing it because you're passionate about a particular subject, or about writing itself, then just keep on doing it and sooner or later people will find you.

  15. Try tweettrafficrush. Look as it works in my blog.

  16. @poker4man
    1. The ONLY blog that can be promoted in the wordpress.COM forums are wordpress.COM blogs so please cease and desist from leaving your blogspot links in these forums so we don't have to report your comments to the Moderator for removal.

    2. tweettrafficrush is a clickbank affiliate scheme and none of that kind of advertising is allowed on wordpress.COM blogs at all. Any blogger posting the same will be breaching the TOS and their blog will be suspended or deleted. Read these entries:

    3. Any blogger who uses such schemes to get a "traffic rush" is creating a high bounce rate of one hit wonders to their blog. Their aim is to get "ad-clickers". This "traffic rush" aimed at securing adclickers does not serve any skilled bloggers well in terms of achieving backlinks, authority in their niche, or PageRank. Skilled bloggers are not looking for a tsuami of one hit wonders. They are looking for "targeted" readers who are interested in the subject matter and who are more likely to become regular readers and subscribers.

  17. well its all about writing something that attracts viewers i think the way your blog looks(how you present yourself to the public has a big thing to do with views but then again thats just my idea)

    check me out guys

    -Michael Coveto

  18. the word "blog" appears 158 times just in this topic alone.

  19. I'm new on here and have just uploaded a load of content etc and got my pages in order, what's the importance and best way of using the 'tags' etc for blogging.

    I've incorporated as many images as possible to suit where appropriate but is there anyway of maximising visitors with other means.

    Being new I'm not sure what to do or expect with blogging sites and don't know how easy is it to increase traffic once you think your pages and content finished as best as possible?

    Thanks for any advice or tips


  20. Thanks, @timethief, much obliged...


  21. One of the best ways to increase the traffic to your bolg is to use social bookmark sites such as Digg and propellor. By book marking the posts you make on your blog you will get loads of traffic. You can use to automate the process. There is also a large list of bookmark sites social marker will post to.

    You can easily double your traffic in a matter of days posting to social bookmark sites.

  22. Hello timethief! i like your infos, really helpful to me. I have also a website Portal Connect International, can you give me some tips about it to improve traffic but only if you have time though and i would appreciate it a lot :). By the way i already bookmarked ur site "" and im gonna check it right now..thanks


    there's some tips on there.
    but, in short:
    + good content. This means interesting and well displayed
    + interact. if you want traffic one way to get it is to talk to other people on the internet, join forums or online communities (twitter, that way you'll meet people and if you put a link to your blog in your signature people may visit :) Also comment other people, make it genuine not "Oh yeah totally agree, visit me 2 kthnx bye!", and 8/10 they'll visit you out of curiousity
    +PROMOTE plugboards are one way, basically post a link to your site on these sites and people can visit you from there. As a tip, make the button pleasing to the eye, I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but this is impulse clicking!! so yes aesthetics count dude!
    embed a link in you email signature or your social networking page too!!

    I hope this helps, it helped me on one of my older more sucessful blogs (it always got at least 100 a day). Any questions feel free to message me

  24. This was so helpful! Thank you.

    While I may not be trying to get traffic right now but when I get more comfortable blogging (I feel so self-conscious!), I will use said advice.

  25. @biochemrp
    When you begin blogging it's important to focus on creating high quality content. Increasing traffic is the natural consequence of relationship building. Visit other blog in the same niche, read posts & leave meaningful comments in order to build relationships with other bloggers.

    IMHO there is no single best way to get traffic. Any specific advice I give is dependent upon what the blogger has already done. But it may be helpful to review the questions I ask:

    (1) Is your blog structured and optimized in a reader and search engine friendly manner?

    (2) In blogging content is king, hence, it's the draw to your site. Have you created pillar posts (flagship content) that has timeless value and brings back readers again and again?

    (3) Do you write well and publish regularly. Keeping your blog updated with fresh and informative content will maintain reader interest.

    (4) Do you deep link to your earlier posts in your recent posts and use correct anchor text to do so?

    (5) In blogging, content is king and promotion is queen. Have you joined Twitter social networks and promoted your posts in them after publishing them?

    (6) Do you encourage your blog readers to comment?

    (7) Do you reply to every comment?

    (8) Do you link to your reader's related blogs and keep your blogroll updated?

    (9) Do you comment, comment, comment on other blog in the same niche?

    (10) Do you subscribe to the feeds of related blogs?

    (11) Do you backlink to posts published by faithful readers in your posts wherever possible?

    If you wish you can read and act on the twenty five steps in the following post to increase organic blog traffic

  26. July 13 , 2010 in house blog promotion
    Forming blog centered relationships is a natural consequence of posting meaningful comments on posts in the blogs you locate. There are several ways to locate blogs in the same niche within the community revealed in this post.

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