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How do I get my blavatar "unstuck"?

  1. therisiblerambler

    You see, I attempted several times to change my blavatar from one image to another. I used the "remove button"---several times, actually--and my former blavatar simply won't be removed.

    When I go to my settings, the image I want is in the section under "Blog Picture/icon." But the image on the tab and the image next to "Info" on my WordPress toolbar are still stuck on the old image.

    Help, please. I know it's just a little thing, but it bothers me.
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  2. I'm sorry you ran into issues. Can you please try clearing your browser's cache?

  3. therisiblerambler

    I did. Not much luck for my computer, but now the correct images are showing up on other people's computers.

  4. Some browsers keep their favicon (blavatar) cache separate from their browser cache. When they do this, there's no way to clear out the favicon cache, but it should clear on its own within a week or so.

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