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How do I get my blog back?

  1. I am currently signed in as ginabar with the new password of password removed. My blog, Moments of Clarity, can not be accessed from this login. I THOUGHT my login for my blog was [email redacted] with a password of password removed, but it won't let me sign in that way. So...I can not get to my blog!! Resetting the password isn't helping me. I just want my blog back!! Help!

    Gina Barlean, [email redacted]
    Blog url:

  2. Gina, Please do not post passwords and email addresses in public forums. As soon as possible change those passwords: your post was up for several minutes before I saw it.

  3. Yes. I thought I was talking to tech support. Now I have a much bigger problem. I would delete that if I could figure out how.

    How does one talk directly to someone at wordpress?

  4. Deleting the topic won't make it completely disappear: Google picks up on threads here very quickly. The email addys were removed automatically but I had to manually take out the passwords.

    Another volunteer can probably assist you, but I'll modlook this thread for staff to see. It's the weekend so be patient.

  5. Here is the support document about how to retrieve a lost password:

  6. There are no blogs under your ginabar account.

    To access you'll need to be logged in as the correct user, gmbarlean.

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