How do I get my blog posts added to the reader section under the genre I write

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    How do I get my blog posts added to the reader section under the genre I write in?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Your posts should be appearing in the Reader according to the tags and categories you assign to each one.
    Here is how the Reader on works:

    Other links of interest:


    Hi 1tess. Thank you for your response. I understand about the blogs I follow appearing in Reader. But here’s what I’m having trouble understanding: I write in the crime genre. When I checked the Reader section that allows you to follow blogs in that particular genre, I have no blogs listed. My posts are all tagged “crime.” Is there a setting or something that I must change in order to get my posts listed in this section?


    Go to manage my blogs, you need your dashboard where you would see all of your posts. Click on the edit button under the title of the article you wish to change. When in edit mode you can change the tags, and categories can be changed in dashboard as well under the category section.


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    Just a quick scan of a few of your latest posts, but the tag “crime” looks to be more precisely “true-crime.” Do your posts appear in some of the other tags you use?

    I see several of your posts with a quick scan of this link:!/read/topic/true-crime/


    Bingo! That’s it! I’m listing under ‘True Crime.’ I suppose I should list under both. I had no idea they would be characterized separately. Thank you for your assistance.


    Hmmm. I just changed the tag on my latest post to add ‘crime’ and it still doesn’t seem to be coming up in that genre. Anymore thoughts?


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    Both would likely be good. Also, for search engines and pictures you use be sure to fill in alt and description in your media library.

    timethief’s links on these forums about increasing traffic are worth studying:


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    “crime” is more general than “true-crime” so you’re going up with many more posts. And if you get too specific with tags, as in current “hot” true crimes, then your competition is huge. Those kidnapped women? Likely zillions of posts recently up!!

    Also, remember that email and chat and instagram seems like instant gratification online. You are using a blog which is a sort of website, so servers which distribute/store data will take some time to refresh and update.

    timethief’s advice is solid, like the fable about the turtle and the rabbit.


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    Sorry, my responses are not quite as chat-like/instant so I hope you don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, especially the “Good” remark. I’m not staff, and as volunteers we all come and go into these forums while lives go on.


    Hi 1tess. I think I got confused again on the general vs. specific tag usage. Will I get more attention in a ‘general’ placement vs a ‘specific’ placement? And for clarity, can you confirm – is your recommendation that I tag my posts in both? Here’s another question, are posts placed in all genres that you tag??



    I would recommend posting in both, and I think that is what 1tess was saying. Both have pros and cons:

    Too specific: People are unlikely to follow the tag, extreme example “true crime committed by a young Chinese man”

    Too generic: So many people post under the topic you will be several pages from the front in under an hour. Extreme example, look at how recent the articles in the politics tag are!

    Also, more than 15 tags won’t get you listed. The recommendation says:

    However, you don’t want irrelevant content showing up on the topic listings or search, and neither do we. That’s why we limit the number of tags and categories that can be used on a public tag listing. Five to 15 tags (or categories, or a combination of the two) is a good number to add to each of your posts. The more categories you use, the less likely it is that your post will be selected for inclusion in the topic listings.

    Personally I find that keeping the number of tags+categories to under 10 gets me in most listings.

    Finding a concise list of categories that are not too specific and not too general to maximise traffic is an art. Fortunately it is likely to be something that authors are good at!


    Thanks tandava108 for a very helpful and detailed response. I will follow these recommendations.


    I now have another question: If I use “crime” and “true crime” in categories, do I need to use the same in tags?



    No, tags and categories are alternatives. You can think of your categories as book-marked tags. They have the advantage that you can quickly assign them without typing, and that you can put a category widget in the sidebar to help readers navigate.

    For example you could have categories for things like “crime”, “true crime”, “murder”, “fraud”, etc. that you would often use. You might write one article about a crime in Barcelona, and you might think that it would be of interest to people reading about Barcelona but you may not write about it again for years. In this case you would tag it “Barcelona”, and it would not clutter up your sidebar widget or appear as an option whenever you want to add a category.

    As far as the reader, the limit of 15 categories and tags, etc. they are just the same. There would be no advantage in having the same category or tag.


    Great! Thanks again –



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