How Do I Get My Blog To Look Like This One???

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    How do I get my blog…

    to look like this one (not mine)…

    I want my posts on my blog to appear w/o the entire post showing–as in the second example, above, where only part of the post shows and a “Read More” link to the remainder of the posts.

    Thank you for your kind attention.
    Dick Gaines
    (email redacted)



    If you look on your toolbar on top of your post box you will see a button that looks like a piece of paper ripped in two. When you mouse over it will say “Split post with more tag…”

    Just insert that into your post where you want to have your post to stop on the index page and the “Read More” link to be inserted.

    If you are using Safari you may not be able to see that toolbar and should probably try Firefox.



    gunnyg – see your other thread asking this question for more replies:

    Please post only once. kthx

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