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How do i get my categories back, please? :-(

  1. I pressed the wrong button (in this case the "Category to tag" converter) and lost all my neat categories. Is there an easy way to reconvert tags to their original categories?

  2. Sorry but no.
    It makes no actual difference to the blog though, it'll all work as it did.

  3. The same thing just happened to me, why can't tags be made into Categories??? It should work both ways!!!! Argh... and what about a button that says, don't do this if you don;t want to lose your categories FOREVER!!!

  4. Lol. Yep! That's what we been used to and we are learning the hard way on wordpress. But i guess since they got all these bloggers, and spammers, and etcs, we gotta tread carefully. Boy, do i know what i'm talking about!

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