How Do I get My Comments to list on my main page.

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    Currently you have to click on a post to see the comments, is there a way that I can get my comments to list on the main page of my blog, right after the post?



    If it’s possible, then it would be theme specific and I haven’t seen any themes that do that.

    Maybe if you set your home page to show only the newest post instead of a list of posts, then the comments might appear for that post.


    It is not possible here at

    Actually if you get a lot of comments on a post, your viewers would have to page down a long ways to get to the next post. I’ve seen blogs that get hundreds of comments on each new post. Even with just 20 or so, it becomes very tiresome to page down again and again and again just to get to the next post.



    There is a comments widget that will allow you to show the latest comments posted, but it is not post specific.



    I’ve got a blog post with over a thousand comments, and the damn thing freezes my computer.

    You can do this with an independent WP install from, but not here. The comments widget will show the latest I think it’s half-dozen comments in the sidebar, and for awhile it gave you added Technorati ranking, although it doesn’t anymore.

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