how do I get my epp code?

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    I need to get my epp code. However, I cannot find it.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can retrieve the EPP/Auth code using the steps at the link below:


    Thanks. Now when I’m trying to transfer one of my domains, I get something like this message:

    Warning! Moving a domain product to a different blog will cause the domain to display content from the new blog. Do this only if you’re sure you want to display content from the blog selected below at the domain *********.com.

    If you’d like to move this upgrade product from one of your sites to another, please select the new site URL below. The upgrade will no longer be available from the original blog.”

    what does this mean?

    Basically I just need the epp code because I want to transfer my domain since I’m trying to switch to and I want to use bluehost as the company to provide my hosting services.

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