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How do I get my featured post in the showcase template to show a continued box?

  1. I customized the twenty eleven template to be used as a website instead of a blog. However, I do have a blog page set as a showcase template. The blog post that I chose to be sticky becomes the featured post, but it shows all the text and doesn't show the "continue reading" box in the lower left side of the post. How come I can't get my featured post to look like your demo? Does the post have to be short in order for the "continued reading" box to show up? Or am I missing a step? Please help.

    Thank you
    Blog url:

  2. To duplicate what we have in the demo, you'll need need to split the post manually using a More tag:

  3. Thank you so much for getting back to me. The more tag worked perfectly. My only remaining question is "how do I get the "continue reading" box to show up in the lower left hand side of the abbreviated post like you have in the demo for the Twenty Eleven template? Thank you.

  4. I don't see any pages on your blog using the Showcase template. Which page should be displaying with a showcase?

  5. Hi Again,

    The showcase template is on my blog page. You'll find my blog page all the way to the right of my menu bar.


  6. At the moment, the Showcase template is only available for the page that is set as the Front page.

    This setting is ignored for any other page.

  7. Oh I see. That's a bummer. Ok thanks.

    I have another tech question.

    I made my Home page my static page, but I can't change the name of the Home page. How do I do that?

    I wanted to call it Welcome, but when I change it under the Pages tab in the dashboard it doesn't work. Thanks.

  8. I changed the page title for you and it seems to have worked.

    If you want to change the name in the navigation menu, you should configure a Custom Menu.

    Custom Menus are configurable in the Appearance>Menu section of your dashboard (please read for more information)

  9. Hi,

    Thanks, I read it but I'm confused as to how to do it. I tried following the instructions but I couldn't get it to work. Nevermind about this.

    However, I read in the above document that you can create static top-level tabs, which is great because I didn't know you can do this. However, when I follow the instructions by going to Appearance > Menus I can't access the Custom Link dialog box. It's whited out. Why is that? Thanks again.

  10. First, you need create a menu by entering a name and hitting the "Create Menu" button. Then, the other option will appear, and everything should make sense. :)

    There's also a vido tutorial at the bottom of the guide at which might help.

  11. Oh my gosh! I think I erased my entire website!!!!

    I tried to create a custom link so that my top level tab Consumer Health would be inactivated but when I tried to do that it erased all of my menu tabs. Oh my gosh please help me. Please get all of my menu tabs back.

  12. I went back to Appearance >Menus and added all of my menus back but now my menu looks a complete mess. How do I get it back to the way it originally looked? How can I undo what I did? Oh my goodness!!! Please don't erase any of my content. It took me 4 weeks to do this website!!!! Please help me!!!!!!!!

  13. All of my menus have been restored but they are all out of order. For example, the child and grandchild pages need to be put back the way they were. All of the pages are all visible. For example Consumer Health should be a parent page, Magazines should be the child page, and Prevention Essence, Heart & Soul, HealthQuest should be the grandchild pages. How do I put everything back together? Thanks.

  14. Ok, disregard my former three messages. I'm no longer in a panic.

    I figured out how to get my pages back and reorganize them the way I had them before.

    Now my question is how do I create inactive top-level parent links for some of the parent tabs even though my parent tabs and child tabs are already established? Is this possible?

  15. Hi Again,

    I have read this guide many times and I still don't understand how to create static top-level pages with an already-established menu. I don't want all of my top-level pages to be static. I want only 4 top-level static pages. And I want 1 child static page.

    This means I will need to change each of these pages individually. Correct?

    To be specific, I want the following Parent pages to become static: Consumer Health, Medical Editing, Medical Writing, and New OD.

    I want the Child page Magazines (the first tab under Consumer Health) to become a static page.

    Having said this, what should I type in as the Menu name on the Menu > Appearances page?

    Secondly, what should I type in as the Primary name within the Theme Locations?

    And what should I type in as the Label within the Custom Links area?

    If you could answer these questions for me individually that would be great. That way, I don't run the risk of losing my content by making pages static that I don't want to be static. Thank you. :-)

  16. Yes, you will need to create a new menu to do all of this. The name is more for organization purposes. I prefer "navigation," but you can use whatever you'd like to.

    For the primary name, you should select the name of the menu that you're creating.

    The label is what you want the name to appear as.

  17. Thank you for your patience in answering all of my questions.

    Is there a way to save my Website so that if I completely mess up my menus I can revert back to the version I saved?

    I'm very nervous about doing this because on my first attempt, everything on my original menu disappeared, and I thought I lost my website. I wish you could do this for me. Would you be able to do this for me? Thanks again. And have a great July 4th weekend.


  18. There's no way to save menus, but you can save content via Tools -> Export in your Dashboard.

    If you'd like, I can try to do it for you, but I'm not exactly sure what you want. Can you tell me in the style below (going from left to right, sub-pages are optional)?

    Page 1 -> sub-page 1 -> sub-page 2

    Page 2

    Page 3 -> sub-page 3 -> sub-page 4


  19. Hi,

    Ok I'll try to explain it.

    If you go to my site: you'll see what I'm talking about.

    I'd like the following pages to be changed to static pages:

    * Page 2 -> Parent Page called Consumer Health -> sub page 1 called Magazines (NOTE: Please don't touch the grandchild pages with the content)

    * Page 3 -> Parent Page called Medical Editing -> sub page 2 called Supplements (Eye Health)
    (NOTE: Please don't touch the grandchild pages under this heading)

    * Page 4 -> Parent page called Medical Writing

    * Page 5 -> Parent page called New OD

    Is it possible for us to talk by phone? I'm in the United States on the east coast. I'd feel much more comfortable if we could talk by phone. I want to make sure you are changing the correct pages. I don't want to lose any of my content. Thank you so much.


    * Parent Page called Medical Writing

    * Parent Page called New OD

  20. Unfortunately, we don't offer phone support at this time.

    Judging by your instructions, I think I have the menu setup correctly at

    If anything is wrong, it should be easy to move things around via Appearance -> Menus in your Dashboard.

    Note that a page still exists on your blog, even if it has been removed from the menu.

  21. Hi,

    No the menu is not correct. Consumer Health is not static, Medical Editing is not static, Medical Writing is not static. Some of my submenus are missing. And my Parent menus Testimonials, Blog are missing.

    My submenus under New OD are missing.

  22. Hi Again,

    Ok I put back the pages that were missing, but the Parent pages that I want to be static are not static.

    Well, thanks for your help. I'll try to set aside some time and figure this out myself.


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