How do I get my front page to look like Delicious Magazine's theme front page?

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    There is a vacant space in the middle the front page on my blog. I would like to be able to click on the image in the “featured panel” and have that image display in the center of the page along with some text, similar to the way the demo looks. Any help on this is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Since Delicious is a premium theme, and since we volunteers here have no access to the premium themes, you should probably be asking over in the premium theme support forum where you can get help from the theme team and the theme author. While logged into the account you purchased the theme from, you should find the premium theme listed in the left column list of forums on the forum main page.



    Sounds good. Thanks so much!


    You are welcome.


    I have been looking for the Premium Theme Support Forum, but have been having issues finding it! Every link I’ve found so far saying it is for the Premium Theme Support Forum brings me to the main menu for all main support forum area. I have a few questions about Delicious Magazine which need to be directed to the theme team.

    Thanks in advance!




    I clicked your username link and found it was linked to a blog wearing the free twenty Eleven theme. I’m thinking that you need to be logged into the blog that you purchased the Delicious Magazine them for.


    timethief, thank you for the link, however when I click on it here is where it takes me:

    I’ve even tried to type out the premium theme forum url , which shows in the other links for it I’ve tried as well as the one you posted above, but all redirect me back to the same main menu.



    If you have purchased the theme then the link I gave you ought to work. If you have not purchased it then the link will redirect to this forum. Did you purchase the theme yet or not?


    No, we’ve purchased the theme. We did so a few days ago for a new blog. The blog name is set up, and the theme is on it, but I have some questions about a few of the features that I cannot find answers to. I’ll try logging in from the new blog’s url. I did log in to my profile from our blog that uses the twenty eleven theme. Thank you for the tip!



    Hi again,
    I’m sorry you have had this trouble. Please be patient a little longer. I’m flagging this thread for Staff attention.


    You have to be logged in under the username that the premium theme was purchased from. Are you? Were you? Only the username that purchased the theme can get to the premium theme support forum.



    G’evening :)
    I figure if she doesn’t return to this thread then she has logged into the correct blog and made it into the Premium Themes Forum. I flagged this so Staff would check and see if she had succeeded or not.


    Howdy. There are no premium theme purchases under the username lisalewisatwindermeremi. Can you log in as the username that purchased the premium theme to see the premium themes forum?


    Thank you so much for all the input, and so promptly as well! The WP community is terrific.

    I am the social media coordinator for our company and my boss purchased the premium theme under her user profile. I will need to speak with her in the morning to see what we can do to make this work. My co-worker, who is our graphic designer / marketing director, and I will be the main contact points on this blog project and need to be able to get onto the premium theme forums to ask our questions, so we can get our blog up and running. But if that’s not going to work, we’ll ask for a refund and pick a free theme.

    Thanks again for all the help!


    An update: Discussed the issue with my boss. We worked out a solution and I was able to reach the premium theme support area to find answers to my questions. Thanks again for all of your help!



    Thanks so much for returning to share that good news. Happy blogging! :)

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