How do I get my hosted site to look exactly like my free blog?

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    Ah, so frustrated! Okay so I just bought a domain via for my wordpress blog. I was even able to upload the Splendio theme files so that the new site ( looks somewhat similar to what I had for free ( But it doesn’t look exactly the same. And I literally thought I would just be able to transfer my free wordpress site to a hosted site and have everything look exactly the same. Is this possible? How do I got about doing that?? PLEASE HELP!

    The blog I need help with is



    It will never ever look exactly the same. The versions of themes that run here on are adapted form versions and not all fetures are available when they are coded to run on this multiuser blogging platform.



    Also note that all support for your install is provided here >
    On this forum we provide support only for free hosted blogs. vs.

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