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How do I get my photos posted in the order I want?

  1. I always have trouble getting my photographs posted in the correct order that I would like them viewed in a slideshow. After uploading the photos I want posted, I then "save all changes." I then arrange them physically in the order I like and also number them as well in the order I like them to be viewed and make sure the order is checked as ascending. I then "save all changes" and then "insert slideshow."

    However, every time I do so, when I view my draft post, the photos always appear in random order. I have tried posting as a draft my latest photos to be posted four times this week and every time the photos always appear in a random order. Up until this posting, I always give in to WordPress and let it post the photos in the order it wants, much to my disappointment.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is the theme I use, Andrea, possibly the problem? As a neat-freak and perfectionist, this problem is very irritating.

    Thank you,
    Steven Spring
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  2. Does this help?
    Editing a Gallery - note that when you change the order it will apply to your slideshow.
    See also:

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