How do I get my previous blog url back

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    When I’d joined wordpress, my blog url that I’d created was Later, I had changed it to but I now while I’m thinking about personalizing my blog as my personal site through domain upgrade, I wish to get my original url back.
    At the time of changing the blog url, I hadn’t discarded my actual blog url( and hence, now while Im trying to get it back under Dashboard>My blogs> Change Blog Address, it gives me the message that this site already exists.

    Please kindly help me to get my original blog url back. Suggest the ways ahead to go about doing it.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member – loads fine for me – have you tried logging in? Do you have a different account?



    Blogs can also be set to hidden in your dashboard My Blogs section – not sure how to un-hide but there should be an option there someplace


    Hi Auxclass, it does load, thank you. But what I want to do is, I want to re-adopt that url for my current blog which is

    so ideally, I want it to show in the address bar rather than

    Hope this helps to shed some light on the issue.



    One way would be to export the blog and import it into I don’t know if there are any shortcuts to this.


    Hi Tandava, appreciate your suggestion. but I do not wish to import/export content. I wish to re-use my previous url which still is active and belongs with me. Could you suggest something?



    Are you saying that this blog doesn’t show in Dashboard->My blogs?


    It does show under MY BLOGS section but I wish to use it back as my current blog url



    What is the specific difficulty you’re having? Just go to the dashboard of that blog and start blogging on it.

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