How do I get my website to display again after having hosting problem?

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    How to remap domain upgrade. cut my hosting over missing a payment. Ive gotten that straightened out, and changed nameservers again. I cant access any kind of dashboard, or see my website anymore. Now it tells me that the site name isn’t registered. Ive payed to have site upgraded to just This is actually the second time this has happened. The first time I had to completely remake a website from bottom up. I really hope I don’t have to do that again, as Its also my business website.

    I can see some of my posts if I go to account page, but can’t see anything when I go to the actual URL.

    This, and a broken hand is about to cause me to have a melt down. I hope somebody can help me.

    Jason Ben

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jason Ben – To solve this problem, we may need to go over some private account details. So I’ve started an e-mail conversation with you, because I wouldn’t want to post personal information on a public forum like this.

    Is a current e-mail address for you listed under toward the bottom of this page?
    If not, please update it and reply back here so I can be sure you’re getting my messages.



    Yes i saw your email just fine.


    Hey hey, i know you guys are busy, and help when you can. Ive used wordpress for years now, and really dont want to have switch sites. This is killing my business though. Ive already had several emails trying to order custom orders through the site, and its not there.

    Is there anything we can do to try and get the website back? Im just trying to get the ball rolling again. I have a broken right hand, and two broken fingers on the left. Left me with one nice hospital bill… I need to have a web presence to make money.

    Im so not trying to be an impaitent, pain in the rear. I dont expect miracles or for you to just handle me problems at all. Im just really in a bad spot, and this isnt helping, ha.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give, and I really appreciate it!


    Ohh man that sucks… I dont know what im gonna do now.

    Im not exactly sure why, when, or how i moved the hosting. I hate godaddy and want them to have as little influence as possible on my website.

    So i have the domain registered at godaddy right. And apparently have them hosting it too. How would i go about having wordpress host it again? Im completly self taught on how to build a website. Trial and error kinda thing. Is there anyway to cut godaddy out alltogether?

    Im in a total state of “at the breaking point” right now. I know you guys can build websites for customers, correct? If so how do I go about that, and whats the process like?

    Thanks for your input Kevin. I just cant believe its gone…



    No, WordPress staffers do not build websites for customers. But it’s easy enough for you to go to Manage My Blogs on your account, and just create a new blog. Then, just start blogging. is designed to be a turnkey blogging solution, and if you have any questions you can probably answer them by going through the tutorial is not currently accepting incoming domain transfers, ie you can’t transfer the management of the URL to WordPress, but you can point the custom domain to any of your blogs here with just the Domain Mapping upgrade as described in the Support documents



    I would really try contacting GoDaddy’s support. I don’t know their service, but a site should not disappear forever because of a missed payment or two.

    It’s true we do not design sites for you, but which raincoaster pointed to is pretty good at walking you through how to customize a site on your own in not much time. A lot is possible.

    It’s also true that we can’t accept incoming domain name transfers, but pointing a GoDaddy domain to is not too complicated, as described on these pages:

    Let us know if you’d like to give it a try and we can help out with any of that.

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