How do I get my welcome page to show comments?

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    If I go to the home page thru the dashboard the comments show. When the public goes in thru, they do not. The permalink is different for these two, but I have found that if I edit either, the change shows up on both. The one that comes up with welcome in the link is the one that is correct and shows the comments. I have it set up to use a post as what people see when arriving at the site. What should I do?

    I do not post, so I will not be adding posts and wanting them to show first.

    The blog I need help with is



    I figured out that they added a button for viewing posts, but of course people do not know that unless they are told. Change for the sake of change. If it works, why fix it?



    Bob-it sounds to me like you should have set up a static Page as the front/home page for your site. That way all the comments would have appeared. Instead you’ve set the blog to be the front page.

    Here’s a little reading to help better understand:

    Unfortunately at this point, if you want to switch to a static front/home page, you’ll have to manually copy and paste to transfer the comments you already have over to the new Page.

    Best wishes



    Hi there,

    It sounds like you have worked out a solution to your problem. Is there still anything we can help you with here?




    Happiness Engineer? Boy, I wish I had that job title!
    I’m good. Not going to spend the time to correct it with a static home page. This stuff is not for computer challenged old folks.
    Thanks for responding.



    @bob you are welcome from me and the Support docs here are an excellent resource. But first of course it helps to know that you need to ask a question. :)

    If you do decide to switch, you can create a new Page without publishing it and work at moving the comments over little by little. When you are ready to go “live”, publish the page and change the settings as per the last Support doc I linked to above “front-page”.

    From an old folk who has a love/hate relationship with computers, best wishes.

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