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How do I get people to view my blog?

  1. snowcatsfilmreview

    I seem to get most views from this forum actually... so posting here?

  2. How about threats to personal safety and bribes? I'm kidding (honestly I am!). Be as social on here as you can. I'm not so bothered about people viewing my blog as I am about entertaining people who view my blog.

    I've never been one for the ol' numbers game, which is just as well given my abysmal figures, but you can get more traffic through your page by comments on other blogs and threads here.

    Hope this helps... Although I suspect it doesn't as I've seen this same response posted 101 times in this thread! ;)


  3. Also if you get traffic from search engine views, try blogging more of what the people search for. You can still blog about anything else but this way the people will be more interested in your blog and will visit more often.

  4. yea I got 44 views the other day and ever since then my hits have been going down, so I'm obsessed with getting the numbers back up again but I’m worried about what I’ll write once I have people who actually want to read my stuff.

  5. Put "writer" in your tags, and on every post. Lots of "writers" honing their skills on here...

  6. Yeah, uhhhh "writers" with really frightening grammatical and spelling errors - perhaps they're in the middle of skill-honing? ;-)

    seriously, I think misterbooks has a good idea - my blog is all personal essays about a variety of things so there is no one category or tag that fits me best. "Writing" is probably a good catch-all.
    Also (probably a hindrance to me ever taking over the blogosphere) none of my posts are under 1000 words - another blogger commented that she NEVER read posts that long, although whatever I posted had kept her attention for the duration. So I guess that qualifies me as a "writer," albeit with carefully crafted sentences and as few spelling errors as possible. . .

    I would look at the main tag cloud and see which tags are largest, or most used. Although that puts you in a HUGE group, those are clearly popular tags.

    Another blogger suggested that you consider different spellings of potential tag words - like "humor," which is spelled "humour" in the UK.

    Therefore, with this all in mind, I will henceforth use "writer," "cute puppies," "kittens," "humor/humour" and "Megan Fox naked" as tags for all my posts! ;-)

  7. Lol I have to agree that keeping your posts short and sweet is best. I hate reading things from a computer screen so if a post is too long I skip it

  8. lutgendorffarjen

    I just started my new blog, You got to know the website that will give you visitors. But actually the best thing is to make a great website, so people do want to get back on it. I chosed to write my blog in English, that makes my blog also interestin for people who speak, read and talk English.

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