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How do I get photos to show on the Suburbia homepage?

  1. freshrecipearchive

    The photos at the beginning of each blog post isn't showing on the homepage, just text.
    Blog url:

  2. Please always search prior to posting new threads.

    Suburbia description notes
    live demo site
    Suburbia allows you to upload a custom logo for your site as a Custom Header Image in Appearance → Header.
    The custom header image is 155 by 155 (width, height).

    The number of posts you set to display here > Settings > Reading determines how many posts will display on the front page of the blog. It's by setting featured images at least 350 by 248 (width, height) as sticky posts that determines how many posts display side-by-side. Two posts each with featured images results in what you refer to as two columns.

    Suburbia description notes
    live demo site

    On the main page, Suburbia doesn't display regularly inserted images. They only display when a post is viewed on its own page - not on the front page. Only two posts with featured images in them display there side by side.

    To have front page image display you need to set a featured image to each post and make each post a sticky post. The size of the featured image does matter. The featured image works best with images at least 350 by 248 (width, height).

    Setting a Featured Image >
    Stcky posts >

    If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.

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