How do I get rid of a WordPress ad in the middle of my home page?

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    I recently took my blog public and see there is now a WordPress ad in the middle of my free Sela home page picture? Can I get rid of it so people can see the picture? There is no X to x out of it – is this stationary ad part of free WordPress sites?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @thehomeplaceweb,

    Yes, it’s part of the free WordPress sites. If you want to remove the ads, you can do that by upgrading your site.

    You can find more information from this link.



    Thanks Rose……this morning I see a message at the end of one of my blogs telling me that – that from time to time adverts may appear there and I can get rid of them by upgrading etc…… I don’t mind the occasional ad but the one on the front page is right in the middle of my picture!


    Hi @thehomeplaceweb, yes, we don’t have options where those ads would show.



    Thanks… just seems weird it would show right in the middle of the picture and there is no way for the person viewing to get rid of it by xing out of it?


    I don’t think there’s a way for you to choose where the ads would appear. :)



    Hi there,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have reported the issue and we’ll be working on providing a fix. I’ll keep you updated on this topic.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.


    Thanks, that would be great! I don't mind if the ad is at the bottom of the page, as per some of the blog posts, but not in the middle of my picture or the white space on my picture.


    Help! You must be working on it….but now my home page is messed up. I used to have Home on the menu and it’s gone, and when I try to add it to the main menu it says invalid in pink????


    Ok, panic over, I got the word Home back on my main menu, but the invalid home item is still there on the hidden menu list when I customize it. Does it matter if it stays there, or is there anyway to delete it without deleting the whole menu list? I noticed my home page picture went back to the original one I used at the beginning, so you must have reset something from your end, but I have set the picture back. The wordpress ad is now gone from the centre of the picture, and I can live with the big white space I guess…..this is way too nerve-wracking for a newbie……I don’t want anything else to disappear!


    When I view the home page as a viewer now the wordpress ad is back in the middle, but I think I would rather live with that, than have stuff disappear from my site and have stuff messed up….thanks, anyway…


    Attn: Fstat – when I was reviewing my stats today Oct13 I see you are showing up as an author on my stats page… least it looks like your picture? You have been there since Oct 2 when I asked for help with fixing the ad on the front page. Are you signed in on my page still? Help!



    Hi there,

    I was temporarily signed-in into your site to check the issue you’re having with the ad placement. This is the only way to see if we can fix some issues and there’s nothing to worry about.

    Also, regarding the ads issues, we’re still working on a solution and I’ll keep you updated.


    Thanks Fstat/Fotis for letting me know…..I was just in a panic that I had been hacked. Since the ads show up in the white space in the middle, is there any way I can get rid of the white space and just have the picture background, or is that a permanent part of the free Sela theme? Because when I see other people with the Sela theme, they don’t seem to have that white space?



    To remove the white space you’ll need to use some CSS code which is only available on the Premium and Business plan. Also, you don’t get to see that issue on other people’s sites probably because they have a purchased a plan that removes ads.


    Thanks fstat……I have thought of trading up but as I don’t have many followers right now and am not sure I am going to stick with the blog I think I’ll wait for awhile….



    You can also switch to another theme that doesn’t have this ad placement issue.


    Thanks fstat but I don’t want to switch to another theme because I have spent hours setting this one up with all the widgets etc. I noticed you are still signed into my account as an author? You are there every day – is that normal?



    I noticed you are still signed into my account as an author? You are there every day – is that normal?

    There’s been over one week that I have signed-out from your site. Try logging off and logging back on from your account and you’ll see my name disappearing :)


    Fstat….are you still working on a solution to my big white ad in the middle of the home page, or are you saying that to get rid of it I have to upgrade? When I chose the Sela theme, the white space in the middle was not that big according to the picture. Thanks.

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