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how do I get rid of an unwanted blog site

  1. close blog
    wordpress has 2 blogs for me, I only have ONE, followers are getting sent to bogus page, how do I get if off???????????????????????????????????????

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How can I close off the bogus webpage wordpress has open for me so I don't lose my followers from my real page? Apparently wordpress has a 2nd site for me with my email addy as the url, I need to get rid of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  3. What's with the excessive punctuation?

  4. Are you referring to this blog?

  5. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  6. is my blog, the bogus page is is my email address made into a URL which I am being told by followers they are being led to.

  7. Thanks for providing that additional URL for Staff.

    Did you have your username linked to previously when you left comments?

  8. I asked that question because changing the primary blog that your username is linked to is not retroactive. If that's what you have done then the comments you left before changing the primary blog link will remain linked to

    Did you chnage the URL of your blog?

    Did you change your username?

  9. Also - DON'T have a title "Not My..." with NOTHING else in the blog

    How about for the time being put a single Post with a link to your REAL site - then people are not at a dead end

    Sounds like as @TT is asking about above that you have your username linked to the wrong blog when you made a comment -

  10. No, never. When I started my blog last winter, that addy is my personal email that I signed up with, I think it made that my url site name, I tried to do something about it but in the passing time I changed my site to my name, I didn't know it existed anymore until recently when I've been getting comments that I no longer have a blog on my site and I noticed on my page upper right when I click on my name there are 2 blogs listed, that is one of them, somewhere my social media is sending out links to that site which shouldn't be there

  11. The worst of these problems began about a month ago when I opened a google plus page. My nickname on that page automatically became part of my name on my page in parenthesis and I changed my email address to my new google address at gmail, that is all I can recall of what has changed

  12. I'm pretty sure when I first joined WP cubsandpuppies was linked to my original blog. But this issue commenced about a month ago, nobody had ever mentioned a problem be directed there, If I changed my email primary address on wordpress is that what happened? They kept another site running with the old? I believe cubsandpuppies is still my primary address as I get all my WP updates there, I think I added my gmail addy as a user and left the other as primary, these are all the facts.

  13. What will happen if I just click on delete site? Will I lose my real blog as well?

  14. DON'T DELETE THE BLOG - - Please - that will make things worse - then people clicking on wherever they are for the link will get a "blog deleted" that is much worse than you have now

    Please put a note on the wayward blog - with a note that you have an error somewhere that is sending people to the wrong site and then have a link to the correct site - maybe ask the visitors that end up on the wayward site to leave a comment about where they came from -

    You could also buy a Site redirect Upgrade to send people automatically to the correct site

    In your Dashboard >> Users >> Personal settings >> do you have that set to the correct URL?

    You might have a problem at Google+ or somewhere that you have linked the wayward URL - but sorry I don't do the other things so no advice at all on where to look other the the Settings here

  15. Yes the URL is set to my real site. So are you telling me that WP cannot delete that site or I cannot? I have checked all my social media links they all link to the real site? The problems I have been getting are with my wordpress followerers?

  16. You can delete the site - not a problem three clicks and an email - but that will not solve anything - it will make things worse - I see that you have the Post to send visitors to the correct site - that is good -

    somewhere you are leaving links to the wrong site - I don't know how to find where the bad connection is - and the old bad links where you probably made some comments will not change the bad links - the bad links will be around for a long time so keeping the wayward site up with the Post sending visitors to the correct site will keep your visitors - if the site is deleted then visitors will see the "deleted" message with no help about where to go and some will think that you have stopped blogging -

    Sorry I don't have any other ideas - others in the forum understand what might have happened to you and might be able to help

  17. Ok so that wrong site has to stay there infinitely? What happens when I buy my own site and I need to redirect followers to the new site, will my now real site still stay redirecting to new one or will it disappear and leave a new link?

  18. When you buy a custom domain name and map it to a blog - all the old links still work to the blog you mapped the custom domain name was mapped to - there would now be two setts of addresses that work - in fact you will still work on the old base WordPress.COM web site -

    If you got and mapped it to - all the old links to will still work and so would links to and visitors would see in their browser bar - and the link from the wayward site would not need to be changed either

  19. Ok thanks, I will definitely be upgrading in the coming weeks!

  20. You be welcome & good luck

  21. Hi debbygies,

    It looks like on March 9, 2013 you did a username change from cubsandpuppies to debbygies.

    When you originally signed up on as cubsandpuppies, a matching blog under that name was created for you. That site has had very little traffic since it was created, and unless people have that URL, I see no harm in deleting it if you are certain you will never want to use that URL again. Alternately, you can set the site to private so the site is preserved, but no one will see it, by going to your Dashboard and navigating to Settings > Reading.

    If you are having issues with Google, you may wish to utilize the Google Webmaster Tools:

    If you decide to purchase a custom domain for your site, everything will indeed work as auxclass has explained.

  22. @jeckiedana

    It looks like on March 9, 2013 you did a username change from cubsandpuppies to debbygies.

    BINGO! My hunches were correct.

  23. Hi Jackie, yes, I think I mentioned when I first signed up wordpress assigned my blogname with my email name and I didn't want that so I changed it, I suppose without realizing repercussions. Until lately though I never had any comments or problems with followers being led there. I am friends with a few of my bloggers and they have told me my site was blank a few times and they couldn't seem to track how they got there. So I think I should just leave that site with the note I have posted there saying this isn't my site and a redirection in case this mysterious route persists. Now that I have had much advice on my blog for help on this issue, I changed my password and I changed a public email and left my cubsandpuppies email as the primary. Now I am no longer getting comments to my cubsandpuppies and they are all going to my gmail, my gosh this is taxing. I wish it would just come to my primary email like I have it set up and my public email is for users I thought the primary email was for wordpress to send me my comments and new posts?

  24. Hi debbygies, has multiple email addresses for a user: one that's attached to the user account itself, which is set here:

    And then an email address set for each blog, which is where you will receive notifications. This can be modified in your Dashboard for each blog at Settings > General.

    In your case, these are not the same addresses. If you wish, you can update the email address at the following link to match the one that shows up at the first link:

  25. Correct! The first hyperlink in your post goes to my page which is showing the email that is going to my gmail but I changed it yesterday and there is still a message written in red type underneath stating that my change is still pending. I don't know what that means? So my posts are still going to gmail. Will this get changed or is there a problem?

  26. It is the first links address I wish to change(settings), as I believe that setting will be the one which directs my WP notifications to the address I want,.

  27. You will need to confirm any email changes by clicking on a link that was sent to the new email address.

  28. I never received any email with links? Also the email I was trying to change which had in red letters, waiting to approve, the red writing is gone and my email is still the same and no notification from wordpress with a new link?

  29. Hi there,

    Please try changing your email address again, and check the email for the new address to confirm. If you aren't receiving that email, please check your spam filter and your "social" filter if it's a Gmail address.

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