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how do i get rid of blank text widget that is only showing in ispect element?

  1. how to get rid of blank widgets. I want to move my mailing list icon (a text widget) over towards the other social media icons on the bottom left of my page. When i look at why i can't move it there appears to be 3 invisible text widgets when i view it in inspect element in chrome and firefox. text-11, text-10 and text-9. But i can't see where these are to remove it and move across text-13 (mail list). help please. Thank you in advance
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  2. oh also after fiddling with it, the list for my mailing list which is: has disappeared now too. Maybe I've tampered too much with it - i don't know. ???

  3. • Text-9/10/11 are neither blank neither invisible. They are the France/Germany/Spain image links, and they've been sent to the top right of your page via absolute positioning (the wrong way, because you moved the images instead of the widgets; in other words, the content of the widgets is top right but the widgets are still in the footer, hence the blank space).

    • Since the top menu items aren't in alphabetical order, you've probably created and activated a custom menu. If so, then go to Appearance > Menus and make sure the Mailing List page is added to the menu and/or that the right menu is selected in the Theme Locations pulldown.

    • Hiding the footer credits is a very unfair thing to do, and anyway WP doesn't allow it and considers it grounds for suspending a blog.

  4. PS It's more economical to put all the icons in one text widget instead of using a separate widget for each icon.

  5. Ok. Thank you for replying. I didn't know about bottom footer credits so I can change that no prob. Will try suggested too. Thank you again

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