How do i get rid of EXIF data on duotone?

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    Can anyone help me, I have purchased the CSS upgrade and I am just learning my way around.

    I have the duotone theme and would really like to get rid of the, what i think is called EXIF data? where the camera details are shown…and also the tags, and photo by information…I then want to move the heading of the picture…eg the photo i have at the moment is called “Royal Mail NZ style”…I would like to reposition this to the left, where the EXIF data currently sits.

    Can this all be done? is it classed as editing the stylesheets appearance or am I getting involved in the theme too much? I have tried googling and looking in the forums but can’t find much info on changing the duotone theme.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Ps i know my header logo looks naff, its a work in progress! :-D

    The blog I need help with is



    1) If you’re new to CSS, I’d recommend you reading this:

    It’ll give you tips on how CSS works and what you’d need to do to style the elements you want.

    2) Yes, that’s called EXIF data

    3) Try this:

    #container h2 {margin-left: 0;}
    #postmetadata .sleeve {display: none;}
    #post .sleeve {margin-left: -200px;}
    #sidebar {overflow: hidden; clear: both;}

    That should do what you want.

    The following is to the people in charge of the themes (I doubt they’ll read it but still…)
    I have to say that this theme has a bug. If you want to properly envelop your elements inside the #container by adding an “overflow: hidden” rule, said rule will mess things up in the single post page because the “.navigation” div is _inside_ the “#container” div whereas, in the “home” page, it’s outside of it. You might want to fix that.



    Dear Devblog,

    You are AMAZEBALLS!
    I hope to be as clever as you one day!!

    I will subscribe to your blog, thankenyou for your help

    Now i just want to make that underlining under the header go all the way across the page…but i will learn that myself as i know it shouldn’t be that hard to find out how to do :-D

    Thank you so much!



    Think nothing of it.

    Now the underline thingy may be a bit tricky to extend across the page because of the bug (or at least I think it is) I’m talking about above… because one way of coding it (for the home page) may affect the way it looks on the single post page…

    Having said that, it’s a bit late for me now, but I can take a look at it sometime tomorrow.

    BTW, your photos are great. Photography is one of my hobbies too. If you’d like to see my photo blog, the URL is:



    Thanks, yours put me to shame.
    I am teaching myself and it’s taking ages…along with wordpress!
    I want to have a go at that hdr malarkey next…you have some amazing pics…
    I love the chess one.
    Yes it’s just the line on the home page that bugs me, the older posts it doesn’t look so bad. I guess I will just have to live with it, it’s not so bad.

    I have been playing with wordpress all day, it’s my new obsession, I must go eat now! :-D

    Thank you again


    Alternatively, you can very simply remove the EXIF data from the image.

    1) Open the picture in a good quality image editor such as Irfan View (go to www irfanview for free download).

    2) Save the picture as a new image with a different title, making sure to leave the ‘Keep EXIF data’ box left unchecked.

    3) Alternatively, I have found that opening the file in Irfan View, and then copying and pasting the image into a new Irfan View window before re-saving will achieve the same result.


    @devblog, I like your photo blog!



    thanks for the additional info roadsofstone!



    Thank you, designsimply!



    vmc1978, if you need to get rid of the camera/photo details, try to delete them with specialized utilities such as this EXIF remover:
    And if you just hide them from theme CSS, anyone can download a picture and inspect all the details on a local computer, using the Windows file properties panel.



    Just remember to leave the EXIF intact on the original image!

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