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How do I get rid of gaps (white space)

  1. I continually have a problem getting paragraphs to look even. I will often have a blank or space at the end of a line yet the words on the next line could certainly fit.

    Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - You can try the 'align full' button in the visual editor to justify your text:

  3. Thanks but that did not do a thing...

  4. If you look at my latest post you will see what I mean...

  5. Hmm, when I justified the paragraphs on your most recent posts and previewed the changes, this is what it looked like:

    Is that not what happened when you tried the justify button?

  6. Then perhaps I am doing something wrong. I highlighted my post and hit the justify link and it justified everything but there even wider gaps because it was trying to balance everything. How should I do it?

  7. Apparently there is no way to move a couple of words up to the line above. This blocking link squares everything but leaves even stranger looking gaps....JMO.

  8. The line length depends partly on your screen size. If you grab a corner of your browser and drag it in and out to make the browser window bigger and smaller, you'll see that the line lengths change. It's not possible to make individual words appear fixed on the line above where they're appearing now, but the automatic wrapping is designed to make sure everything displays properly.

    You might want to preview a couple of themes with a wider post column than Pilcrow, as you might prefer the way your posts appear in them:

  9. @disc440:
    Try this: select the paragraph "So… Because [etc etc] lusting for….." in the Visual editor, copy, switch the editor to Text, select the same paragraph, paste, update.

  10. I am sorry I don't follow what you are saying...

    I copy the paragraph in the visual, click copy, but then I just don't get your plan. Sorry I am pretty dense sometimes.

  11. What you're complaining about is a rare glitch that might be corrected by re-entering the content. If you don't follow, just try deleting the paragraph and re-typing it.

  12. I will do that and let you know. Also it's not a rare glitch with me...happens a lot.

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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