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How do I get rid of infinite scrolling?

  1. Is there a way to get rid of infinite scrolling on the Vigilance theme? Please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not on Vigilance, no there is not. Since this will be on virtually all themes at in the near future, choose a new theme with footer widget areas. In the post she linked to, timethief covers how to disable infinite scrolling on themes with footer widgets.

  3. @thesacredpath
    Good evening to you. :)

  4. @WW1 & TSP: Yes there is. Check TT's post, or Update 7 in mine:

  5. I forgot about that. The thing is, I think that is a complete fluke that it works and I would not be surprised to see it taken away at some point.

    Just sayin' don't think that you are home free and it is a permanent fix.

  6. Agreed. First they will convert all themes, then they will disable this.

  7. This. Sucks.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback!

    One more question...if I switch to another theme, do I lose all of the custom CSS work I've done?

  9. @withwords1, yes, CSS is theme specific, but see the link that timethief gave. There is a workaround for disabling infinite scrolling on themes without footer widget areas. It is a little convoluted, but it works, at least for now.

    The thing is, virtually all themes here will have it at some point, so there really is no escaping it. I expect at some point staff will figure out how to make it work with footer widgets as well and then that loop hole will probably be gone.

    Do the fix timethief outlines and then keep your fingers crossed is about all I have to offer. It would be better than losing all your CSS customization.

  10. Otherwise, we're just expected to be lemmings?

    Any chance they'll add an opt-out option for this?

    I'm sure for folks who are in a hurry or need to over-consume information, infinite scrolling is wonderful. But I want my readers to sit with what I write, enjoy pieces of it slowly.

    But thanks for the feedback...

  11. It really should have been opt-in in the first place, otherwise WP is turning into FB, inflicting pointless changes like this.

    I've been using Vigilance for years, have paid to customise it, and really resent having this thrust upon me and my readers. Also, there's a very annoying "advertisement" popup while you scroll, with the name of the theme developer and a reminder to blog at Grrr...

  12. Thanks everyone! So as not to lose my custom CSS with a new theme, or try to patch something that seems inevitable, I simply added the following note to my blog - and will keep it there until, hopefully, WordPress adds back the option to opt-out of infinite scrolling:

    (Editor’s Note: Recently, WordPress implemented something called “infinite scrolling,” which allows you to over-consume information by simply scrolling down to read post after post after post ad infinitum. But my intent, as the author/owner of this blog, is for you to read each post on its own; to sit with it and enjoy it, unencumbered by the clutter and distraction that is so commonplace in our world today. If you are of like mind, you can click on the title under “Recent Posts” to the right. This should take you to a single page with a single post.)

  13. Hi all,

    Just FYI: I used Timethief's workaround this morning to diable infinite scroll on my Vigilance theme. I do have custom CSS changes: I copied them into a Notepad file before changing themes, just in case, but it was unnecessary. I simply switched my theme to Twenty Ten, added an empty text box to Footer #1, unchecked "inifite scrolling" in the Reading settings, and then switched back to Vigilance theme. My CSS changes were all still there when I switched back, so it was a quick, 5-minute fix.

    As sacredpath suggests, I'm sure WP will "fix" this workaround at some point, so sadly, I am shopping around for a new site host. But until then, this works....

  14. ARGH!!!

  15. @spazmomy
    The workaround works. Please try it. See 3 (a,b,c) here > Disabling Infinite Scroll on Your Blog

  16. I did, but I had to change themes. I like my old theme better. I'll live, but it's stinkin' annoying. Not as annoying as having 7 years worth of blog posts on one page, but annoying.

  17. You do not have to change themes forever. It's a temporary theme change only. Once you have seitched themes and disabled infinite scroll you can change back to using Vigilance. That's made clear in the workaround that I posted the link to. See 3 (a,b,c) here > Disabling Infinite Scroll on Your Blog

  18. Thanks. I somehow missed (b) in those instructions. That's what I get for trying to figure this stuff out with the kids all asking questions. I appreciate the help!

  19. Yoo're welcome. :)

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