How do I get rid of rss, search bar, and comment box?

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    My url is and I am using pilcrow theme. I want to get rid of or hide the search bar, the rss, recent entries, and links all on the right hand side. I also would like to know how to get rid of the comment box when you go to another page on my site. I would also like to possibly get rid of the black bar at the bottom of the page which has information about the theme and what not. I do have the custom CSS upgrade, but I am still having trouble. Any help would be appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is


    What you are seeing are the default display of widgets that the theme itself. To get rid of those you can simply go to appearance > widgets and put in the widgets that you actually want in the sidebar and the default set will disappear and your chosen widgets will show.

    If you do not want the sidebar to show at all, go to appearance > theme options and choose the “full-width, no sidebar” layout.

    To turn off comments, go to settings > discussion and disable them there. Any existing pages or posts will have to have the comments disabled manually from within the “discussion” module in the post and page editor (typically down below the text area in the editor). If the discussion module is not there, go to the screen options tab at upper right and enable it.

    You are not allowed to remove the footer credits and text at the bottom of the site. If you do, you risk having your site suspended or deleted.


    Sorry, that first sentence is a mess. (I need coffee.)

    It should say, “What you are seeing is the default display of widgets that the theme itself generates when you have not yet added any widgets to the sidebar.”


    I missed mentioning that for your existing published content, when you go to the discussion module in the post or page editor, also disable “trackbacks” since they are a form of comment and could appear on your posts or pages in the comment section if someone were to reference your content on another site.

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