How do I get rid of Snap Shots?

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    You’re correct and I think we have covered this now from all aspects, right?
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    I actually like the Snap Shots, until today, when I noticed ADVERTISING appearing within the Snap window! What is up with that??
    How can I keep my Snap pop-ups, without the advertising?



    I answered you in the other thread by providing instructions as to how to shut snap previews off. As far as the advertising goes there is no way that you can remove it. If you do not disable “snap” you will have this advertising as well as the Google adsense ads that runs on our blogs



    I just wanted to add that different types of links trigger different types of Snap Shots.

    In addition to the regular PreviewShot, 10 more types of Shots (and counting) — for links to Wikipedia, Google Maps, YouTube or Flickr (to mention just a few) — can be experienced on the Snap Shots Showcase.

    The idea is to bring the content of the linked page to the reader in a condensed format, offering him/her more information to base the decision whether to follow the link or not, and thereby enabling <i>greater speed and accuracy of navigation</i>.



    I’m struggling to understand in what way the post above addresses jolifanta’s question?

    How can I keep my Snap pop-ups, without the advertising?



    @timethief: You are right. I should have stated my intention better. I wanted to add some nuance to your definition of the use case for Snap Shots further up in the thread, which came across to me as “reducing/preventing NSFW clicks”.



    Thanks for this helpful hint. :)



    I see the advantage to WordPress, and we do need to remember that most of us are using their facilities for free. Having them off by default would cost the site quite a bit, because they would then seldom — if ever — be enabled at all.

    I hate ’em too. They’re especially troublesome if you’re on a dialup, as they take up bandwidth, and if you have images blocked you get scrambled frames all over your links.

    #107780 has given each of us the option of using snap or not under presentation > upgrades and my choice, because of problems I have encountered with it keeping my blogs from loading at times, is to keep it turned off.

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