How do I get rid of snapshots?

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    thanks a lot. You’d think wordpress would get the freakin hint that nobody likes this crappy feature!


    Thanks everyone, relieved they’re gone!



    Oh thankyou! I can’t stand snapshots! Whose stupid idea was that?!


    Ugh. Thank you! Horrible, horrible little bugger known as snapshots.



    Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when the little snapshot popped up after I had FINALLY figured out how to make a link! (I am new to this building a blog thing.) I went all over the place to find out how to get rid of it…….so THANKS everyone for the simple solution.


    Is there a way to get rid of it on a personal account? I have it disabled on my blog but others have it enabled. I would prefer to disable it for all blogs *I* go to and not ask others to change what they are doing for me.


    When one of the snap shots come up on another site, click on the little gear looking symbol at the top right of the window and choose “options” then select “all sites” (or something to that effect) and snap shots will place a cookie on your computer that will keep them hidden for you on all sites. if you clear your cookies, then you will have to do it again.


    THANK YOU thesacredpath! Thank you so much!!


    You’re very welcome. Just to let you know, I tried using the option thing the other night, and it did not work so I ended up excluding it through the adblockplus addon in Firefox, and in Safari. I figured it was just a temporary bug with Snap.


    thank you!!!
    i hate it too – what the point?


    Some people like it, I find it highly annoying. I’ve also has issues in the past where it would stall on loading and keep my blog from loading properly. It’s bannished from my blogs, and my browsers forever.


    I am not sure if these Snapshots would comply with any of the world’s disability standards.

    I will be turning off Snapshots now I know how to do so on my personal WordPress that I am setting up.



    This might sound stupid, but what ARE snapshots? I know my question is stupid… Where can I find these ‘Snapshots’ on my blog? I just want to see how annyoing they really are.


    yoshimad123, did you get your question answered?

    A snapshot is … more or less a mouse-over popup that shows a small (but not that small) image of the page a link is directing you to. So, for instance if you have a blogroll in your sidebar, or images that are linked to other pages; or even just links within a blog post, when someone happens to mouse over that link, a ‘snap shot’ of what the page they’re being directed to (should they click on the link) looks like. They REALLY get in the way, and I find them HIGHLY annoying. Which is why I’m on here trying to find out how to disable them. Which I have. If you want to see if they’re ENABLED on your page, use the directions mentioned (Design -> Extras -> ‘Enable snapshots on my blog’) and make sure you have a link present on your blog page. Save all changes, refresh, etc, and check it out. Perhaps you won’t be annoyed. The vast majority of people are, I think.

    And by the way all – THANK YOU for showing me how to disable them. I have peace. Peace on my blog.

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