How do I get rid of the Archives and Categories

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    How do I get rid of the Archives and Categories on my pages? I do not want to post, I want static pages, which I am making, but I noticed they all have Archives and Categories at the bottom which I do not want,

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    We can’t help you without a link to the blog in question.



    Go into posts and click catagories….delete




    I tried that : “Go into posts and click catagories….delete” it did not work,

    My blog is still being made, so forgive the lack of content but it is at :

    I want to get rid of the whole sections Archives and Categories. They are even showing up on my static pages. I don’t want them at all.

    Thanks again, Lea



    I tested it out on my other blog and it seems like you can’t change it with this theme. The theme isn’t even widgetized, so I guess you would have to switch themes I recommend the Day Dream theme since it is really similar to your current theme.



    Leabarozzi…you can check out my theme…i was able to get rid of mine…


    @wesleysoccer: You can’t delete all categories.

    And often you can’t give a proper answer if you don’t see the blog – that’s one of the reasons we’re always asking for a link to it.

    @Lea: In most themes, the items in the sidebar or bottombar depend on the so-called Widgets. Unfortunately you’ve chosen Ambiru, one of the very few themes that don’t use widgets, so you cannot remove what’s displayed in the bottombar: you can only switch to a different theme, then manage its widgets.

    Once you switch to a widget-aware theme, you can get rid of its preset widgets by adding any other widget. If you want nothing in its sidebar or bottomar, you add an empty Text or RSS widget. But chances are you might find some widgets useful – or necessary. For instance, some themes don’t have header tabs for pages: in that case you’ll need the Pages widget.

    A few additional remarks:

    – Some themes allow you to upload a custom image header of your own.

    – If you don’t want posts at all, you should consider deleting that single sample post and setting a static front page (see the FAQ on that).

    – For your “Contact” page you can use the wp contact form (see the FAQ). If you do that, you’d better deactivate the comments for that page.



    Great, thanks for all the info. I was not planning on using that theme, I was just trying it out to see how wordpress worked. Good to know it is just that theme. And I am going to set a static page, I had laready read about that :)

    Thank you so much for all the advice, I really appreciate it. And good to know about the contact form!

    Thanks, Lea

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