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How do I get rid of the categories feature?

  1. I don't really want it in my blog, and I can't find a way to remove it.

    Any help would be appreciated : )

  2. Is your blog hosted here at If it is please provide a link to your blog. If you are self-hosted and using the software downloaded from, then you need to inquire over at . use a multi-user version of the software and few, if any, of the volunteers here are familiar with the software.

    7 Things to Know Before Posting in Forums or The difference."

  3. @silvercube
    The blog linked to your name is not a blog. It's a blog template downloaded from Please ask your question in their forum as we run on different software and cannot help you. Here's the link

  4. @tsp
    Now that a month has passed with no edit function here in the forum, I'm wondering where those who complained are lurking. It sure doesn't seem that they answer forum questions, does it?

  5. Nope. Sounds of silence.

  6. I have a blog and I would like to prevent the display of categories. Is this possible?

    ( and


  7. fogsoup,

    The themes Blix, ChaoticSoul, Fadtastic, Iceburgg, and Light don't show categories on the post. Other than using one of those, the only way to accomplish that is with a CSS upgrade.

  8. I've done a CSS upgrade and I'm using the Cutline Theme. Could you please tell me how to keep categories from showing on my index page on my posts? I just want to use tags and I don't see a need for both.

    Is it possible to do that with CSS?

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