How do I get rid of this?

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    This is too foolish. I don’t want to see it again. Ever. What is it? Happens every time I post. A redirect. Use httpS:

    The blog I need help with is


    PS: “Close sidebar” is another redirect. Takes you to the blog. Not back to “Edit post”.


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    users —> personal settings —> un-tick the box here
    Instant Post Feedback ––– Show the feedback and progress sidebar after posting


    Thank you, 1tess. Now a question remains: Who changed my settings? I did not enable this silly feature.



    This is a new feature that added and enabled to your blog automatically
    See it hee
    Why you hate it so much BTW.



    Ok i am done. blogging is a joke. facebook is a joke, the internet is a joke. I blogg nothing comes back except my own comments. not interested in wasting my time. How do i remove wordpress blog forever. thank you.


    A blogs post count is already listed in several places on the admins pages. Who needs a double redirect? My mouse arm is already ruined. Click saving measures should be implemented – not the opposite.

    What has been needed for years is 2 dropdown menues in the buttons “Publish” and “Save draft”. So that you can select for example “Publish and go to All posts” or Publish and go to Drafts”.



    From your dashboard go to Tools>delete site.
    You spent here just three weeks. Don’t be so dis-heart.



    Do be aware that once one deletes a blog that URL is gone forever and cannot be recycled and reused by anyone. That’s why we Volunteers suggest that one make the blog visibility private instead. Who know you may change your mind in the future and if you do then the blog will be there.


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    I don’t think anyone specifically “disabled” your settings. This is one of the new features introduced recently by staff (TPTB). At least we get an option on whether to use it or not.


    @ 1tess, hanks for helping with this. Problem solved. I realize now that it was a new WP feature. All is well that ends well. :-D)))


    Thanks, that was meant to be…


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    as long as it is not angst, then all is well
    and you are welcome.

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