How do I get screen options to show discussion settings so I can disable comment

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    I am considering creating a website using so I want to be able to disable comments on the pages, not the post page. I tried everything in the support section, including going to screen options to get discussion module. But the menu for my screen options has only a top line, not a second line, as shown in your support section, and discussion is not one of them. So how do I disable comments on new pages and already published pages? Thanks.
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    You can disable comments on existing pages by opening each page in the editor.

    For example, this link will open your home page in the editor:

    Once you’ve opened the page in the editor, please go to Screen Options at the top of your screen. Check the “Discussion” box, and then locate the Discussion module on the page.

    Finally, uncheck the boxes marked “Allow comments” and “Allow tracbacks”, and then click on the Update button.

    Full instructions on enabling and disabling comments are available here:

    Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help. :-)



    Thank you for your reply. I clicked on the page and opened the editor, then I checked screen options and checked discussion. But when I go to settings and look for discussion, the discussion module does NOT appear, only the discussion settings appears. So I am still doing something wrong. Sorry … help please. I really want to make this work. Thank you.



    I finally got it — sorry. I kept at it, and found the discussion module at the bottom of the page, where I didn’t expect it. I’m happy to know that I can disable comments on static pages. Yea, that means I might have a chance of revamping my artist website on Much to figure out, but all good. Thanks, again.

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