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How do I get the archives to like, be an outline format?

  1. Man I don't have a clue how to word this, basically what I'd love, since I see this on other blogs and honestly can't figure out how to do it in WP because I'm a big dumb retard when it comes to software in general and web software in particular - much less even come up with the words to define it and therefore even run a search is -

    --Month 1
    ---Topic Title 1
    ---Topic Title 2
    --Month 2
    ---Topic Title 3
    ---Topic Title 4

    How does something like that work?

    And could you please tell me the words I'm looking for to describe/define it? As a fella in the firearms business once told me "Nomenclature is everything."


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You would have to hand-code it in HTML in a text widget. Basically not worth the bother.

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